Where Are the Artifacts in Fable 2?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 11, 2022

How many Archaeologist quests are there Fable 2?

This quest is given to you by the Archaeologist at Fairfax Gardens in Bowerstone. It consists of fourteen quests that will require you to visit all of Albion.

What is the oldest part of the city Fable 2?

Where is the Archaeologist in fable?

He is behind the demon door in the second area of ​​Witchwood called Witchwood Stones. The door will only open if you spell its name on the stones in the northern area of ​​the map.

Where are all the statues in Fable 2?

Plinth Locations

Brightwood – Outside the entrance gate to Brightwood Tower. Fairfax Gardens – In the fountain on your left as you enter Bowerstone Market. Oakfield – Next to a bank across from Sandgoose.

Should I keep the Archons dream?

The Archon’s Dream is a very valuable gem found in a chest during The Archaeologist. You can either give it to Belle or keep it for yourself by killing her. It has no real use for the player except as a gift or to sell it for a large sum of gold. It has the same image as an amethyst.

What is the best weapon in Fable 2?

How do you seduce Alex in Fable 2?

You can find Alex at the east end of Bowerstone Market. Before you talk to her/him, you can use the book The Art of Seduction, which gives you the seduction expression, one that Alex likes a lot. Alternatively, you can get him/her in your favor with your usual positive expressions, even farting.

Where is the last artifact in Fable 2?

The final artifact lies in a deep, winding cave, but with a rather unusual feature: you can see the ocean through its walls.

Can you rent out Brightwood Tower?

Once purchased, the player will not receive any income from the tower as it cannot be rented and since it is a unique location you cannot sell it. There are two beds in the tower, but only the bed at the top of the tower starts the Brightwood Tower Quest.

Where is the 3rd artifact in Fable 2?

The note states that the artifact was found in “the oldest part of town”, which interestingly is not limited to Fairfax Gardens. Drive into Bowerstone Old Town. As soon as you reach the old town, your dog runs to an excavation site. Follow the dog to the dig site and dig up the Ancient Scroll.

How many demon doors are in Fable 2?

There are 9 different demon doors in Fable II.

How do you open the oldest door in Fable 2?

The door requires players to respond to its lines. Players must laugh, fart, point & Laugh, Middle Finger, Vulgar Jab, Snarl, Bloodlust Roar, Dance, and Blow Kisses in that order to open the Demon Door.

How do you get the love hurts quest in Fable 2?

You can start this quest by knocking on the door of the Cemetery Mansion in the middle of Bowerstone Cemetery. If you knock, the tomb keeper will appear and ask you to find some body parts for him.

How do you buy the cemetery mansion in Fable 2?

The Cemetery Mansion is the large house in Bowerstone Cemetery. It is the mansion of Victor, the grave keeper that you will help during the Love Hurts quest. After completing the quest, you can buy the mansion for 100,000 gold, which will start a quest of the same name.

How do you get the Daichi in Fable 2?

You can find it in the dungeon called Archon’s Knot in a chest at the end of the dungeon. Archon’s Knot is a puzzle dungeon that only opens after you use Garth’s Cullis Gate to get to Wraithmarsh during the main quest. You do not need to purchase Brightwood Tower to access it.

How do you get the Archon’s Knot in Fable 2?

Archon’s Knot is a puzzle-filled dungeon accessed by diving into its entrance from the top of Brightwood Tower. To enter, jump over the broken wall near the Cullis Gate in Brightwood Tower.

How many missions are in fable?

A total of twelve quests have been released, eleven of which are arranged in three narratives (called “Tales”), and the last is the prologue, which served as a tutorial level in the beginning of the game. All quests could be played freely after being progressively unlocked while playing through their respective stories.

How do I get to GEM Grotto?

To get to the Grotto, fast travel to Hobbe’s Cave in Rookridge. (If fast travel isn’t available, the grotto is located in the extreme northwestern part of the Rookridge map). Immediately turn around and exit the cave. You are on Rookridge Beach.

What is the fastest way to make money in Fable 2?

Use the proceeds to buy the tavern, the smithy and a few more houses. The Pub and Blacksmith greatly increase your earning potential by doubling or tripling the amount of gold you earn every 5 minutes of real time.



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