Where Are Starbound Characters Saved?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 20, 2022

Starbound saves your progress in two different folders; players and universe. Both of these are located in your main Starbound folder (in linux32 or in linux64 if you use Linux version). The players folder stores your character, your inventory and your ship.

Where are my Starbound save files located?

How do I backup my Starbound characters?

To backup a single world, simply go into the Storage/Universe folder inside your Starbound install folder and backup the . world file you want. To figure out which of the world files is the one you want, go to the world you wish to backup, change something (e.g., place or break any block), then save and quit the game.

How do I transfer Starbound saves?

Yes, literally everything about your savegames is in there, so if you aren’t picky, just copy it all. Just copy the whole storage folder. All files in it are important.

Where is the Starbound config file?

Starbound is one of the easier games to modify your server’s settings for. If you want to edit the raw config file you can find it under the /storage/starbound_server. config file. Use the File Manager to quickly make changes to this file.

How do I backup Starbound saves?

Where is the Starbound mod folder?

Locate Starbound, right-click the game, then select Properties… Open the mods folder.

Does Starbound save to steam cloud?

Saves are not stored on the steam cloud. You’ll need to use an alternative cloud storage or an external device.

How do I get out of Valheim without saving?

For now, players don’t have to worry about saving: simply just quit the game! While it might seem “wrong” to be quitting the game without saving, GameRevolution can confirm that it works this way after we risked our first character by quitting after an hour’s worth of gameplay!

How do I backup my Valheim characters?

How do I start a dedicated Starbound server?

How do I make Starbound run smoother?

Right click on the “Starbound.exe” and on the top go to “Compatibility”, there will be two options are the bottom that say “Run this program as administrator” and “Disable display high scaling on DPI settings” check these both and then click apply and OK.

How do I change Nodecraft server location?

Click on Datacenter locations shown to change where the server will be created. You can move the map to view other locations by clicking on the map and dragging it around. Nodecraft has servers located around the world!

How do I turn on vsync in Starbound?



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