Where Are All the Minikits in Lego Batman 2?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 8, 2022

How do you get all the Minikits in LEGO Batman 2 level 6?

How do you unlock everything in LEGO Batman 2?

What happens when you get all the Minikits in LEGO Batman?

Once all minikits have been found in a level, the player will be rewarded with a large amount of studs and either a trophy or a vehicle. The minikit is also the main icon for the LEGO Batman Wiki.

How do you get all the Minikits?

Is Aquaman in Lego Batman 2?

That’s right; We’re talking about Aquaman. He is one of the hidden characters in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. The red dot on the map below shows its location. This is where you’ll find the golden LEGO pieces for its door frame high on top of a skyscraper.

How do you unlock Joker in Lego Batman 2?

In LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes

After completing the main story, the Joker can be unlocked after defeating him in the Ace Chemicals factory for 250,000 studs . In this game, Joker uses a single weapon instead of 2 and can activate power switches, similar to Batman’s power suit.

What does beep beep do in LEGO Batman 2?

Beep Beep is an extra that allows your vehicle to honk.

How do you get 100% on Lego Batman the game?

100% Completion

This means you must complete everything, find every canister, unlock every character, reach superhero/villain on every level, complete both bonus levels, all free hostage, the list goes on.

What are Minikits supposed to be?

Minikits are collectible items hidden in all levels of the Lego Star Wars video games. There are 10 minikits per level to make 60 minikits per episode. Minikits are usually hidden in locations that require a specific character or puzzle solving.

What are character Studs Lego Batman 2?

Character Studs is a perk that can be purchased for 200,000 studs. It causes enemies to drop bolts when defeated. The Red Brick to unlock this is on the seventh villain level, “Stealing the Show”.

What are blue Minikits?

Blue Kits: These are exactly the same as the white minikits, except they are blue and in different places. If you use a ghost character, you become invisible to enemies.

How many Minikits are in each level?

Minikits are collectibles found in each level. There are 10 to find in each level, for a total of 360. Collect all 10 in a level to unlock a Mini LEGO model for display in the Junkyard. See the walkthrough for a list of mini-kit locations.

How do you make a mini kit?



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