When Was Fractured Prune Established?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 1, 2022

It’s a donut chain based in Ocean City, Maryland, where the first Fractured Prune opened in 1976.

When did Fractured Prune start?

Fractured Prune began selling made-to-order donuts in 1976 in Ocean City. When original owner Tom Parshall bought a market, he turned it into a donut shop and was looking for a unique name.

Who is the owner of Fractured Prune?

Dan Brinton, CEO of Fractured Prune Courtesy of Dan Brinton Dan Brinton is the CEO of Fractured Prune, a design-your-own donut franchise with 25 locations in the United States , Ascending trend.

Where does the name Fractured Prune come from?

Fractured PruneĀ® Donuts is named after the spunky Prunella Shriek, known as “Fractured Prunella” for the broken bones she sustained competing in traditional men’s sports well into her 70’s. Fractured PruneĀ® Donuts celebrates their legacy with a donut that’s as individual as the person who orders it!

Are Fractured Prunes vegan?

Our vegan fans can enjoy the Fractured Prune experience. These are pre-order donuts available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a limited time and are made in small batches. Simply call our shop the day before during normal business hours to place your order.

Where is the original Fractured Prune?

About Fractured Prune Donuts

Founded in Ocean City, Maryland, Fractured Prune Donuts is named after the spunky Prunella Shriek, who, due to the broken bones she sustained, became a “Fractured Prunella” is known to refrain from competing in traditional men’s sports even into her 70’s.

How many Fractured Prunes are there?

This is a donut chain based in Ocean City, Maryland where the first Fractured Prune opened in 1976. It now operates more than 35 stores and has been in the process of expansion since it was purchased in 2013 by Dan Brinton, who was previously a franchisee of Krispy Kreme in Houston, Texas.

Who is Prunella Shriek?

The story of Prunella Shriek, a brave 19th-century athlete who made a habit of hurting herself – “broken Prunella,” her friends called her – when she competed against men in sports like skiing and ice skating Ice Skating is available to customers at Fractured Prune Donuts as they ponder which of over a dozen…

How many calories is a Fractured Prune Donut?

There are 330 calories in 1 donut (3 oz) Cracked Plum Pie Donut.



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