When Was Bionicle Popular?

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Bionicle was named the #1 Lego theme in 2003 and 2006 in terms of sales and popularity, with other Lego themes not matching Bionicle’s profits at the time.< /p>

Is BIONICLE coming back 2021?

Bionicle won the fan vote for Lego’s 90th anniversary contest last year, meaning it is in the running for a new set designed by the Lego Ideas team in 2022. A commemorative set sounds great, but if the Lego Group really doesn’t plan to reboot Bionicle, they’re making a big mistake.

Is BIONICLE still a thing?

Bionicle returns to the world of LEGO for the third time, thanks to the new BrickLink Designer program after a rejected project on LEGO Ideas.

Why did BIONICLE 2 fail?

Of course we can surmise that Bionicle G2 ended for the same reasons as all LEGO designs – the design underperformed sales. We can fool around with how poorly G2 sold to justify an early lockdown, but in my opinion the extent to which it didn’t sell isn’t the crucial part.

How old are bionicles?

BIONICLE was a range of toys and a story developed by the LEGO Group and marketed to the 7 to 16 year olds age group. The line was launched in Europe in January 2001 and in the United States in June/July 2001.

Did Bionicle save Lego?

TIL The Bionicle range helped Lego before the financial crisis in the late 1990s and became one of the largest and most successful product lines.

Are bionicles robots?

Bionicle was Lego’s hugely successful and long-running line of products that reflected easy-to-build, highly playable robot models with an intricate storyline that spanned comics, novels and even short films.

Why did LEGO get rid of bionicles?

Attitude. On November 24, 2009, Lego announced that it would be ending production of new Bionicle sets after releasing a final wave in 2010. The decision was made due to recent low sales and a lack of renewed interest in the subject, possibly caused by its decades-long backstory and lore.

What are old bionicles worth?

Originally retailing at $59.99, currently sells for $180 and up on eBay and Bricklink. Rare pieces include item #43093, of which the set contains 22 pieces in white. It appears in blue in hundreds of sets, and this is one of three LEGO sets to feature it in white.

What replaced bionicles?

LEGO BIONICLE was discontinued in 2010 and replaced by LEGO Hero Factory. With the new theme, the entire constraction system has also been renewed, with improved ball joints and a simplified part selection. Character playability and mobility has greatly improved with the updated system.

How did Bionicle end?

The conflict finally ended when Spherus Magna was shattered into three smaller worlds and the Element Lords remained trapped for tens of thousands of years. However, they eventually escaped and, after losing the Protodermis, attempted to invade the Valley of the Labyrinth to gain the power of the Great Beings.

How many bionicles are there?

They come in groups of six, although nowadays there are more than one group of six. In fact, there have been two series of canisters every year except for 2001 and 2010, the first and final years of the original BIONICLE saga. They range from $6.99 to $12.99 or £4.99 to £10.99.

What culture is Bionicle based on?

The Bionicle story is based on an idea of ​​an island community called Mata Nui that is home to the Matoran. The island has an origin myth, namely the legend of Mata Nui.

What is BIONICLE short for?

BIONICLE was a range of sets sold by LEGO with a storyline to promote them. The name “BIONICLE” is short for Biological Chronicle.

Is BIONICLE ever coming back?

The possibility of LEGO BIONICLE returning in the future cannot be ruled out. No, we currently have no plans to release sets like the Mask of Ultimate Power or Makuta.

Is the Bionicle popular?

It is known in the LEGO community for its extreme popularity when it was in stores in the early 2000s before it was discontinued. In 2014 the return of BIONICLE was announced and new sets were produced for 2015. It was discontinued in 2017.

Why did Lego fail in 2004?

You really need to know your audience. One reason Lego almost went bankrupt was that they lost sight of their target audience. They made unfounded assumptions, hastily innovated, and created without really doing any research first to find out if that was what their audience really wanted.

Does Netflix have bionicles?

LEGO BIONICLE: The Journey to One is a exclusive Netflix animated television series and the first BIONICLE television series in production.

Is Lego going out of business?

LEGO returns from the brink of bankruptcy to win new fans.

How tall is brutaka?

Skills and Traits. Brutaka is a large being, about ten to eleven feet tall.


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