What Year Cavalier Parts Are Interchangeable?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 6, 2022

What years were Chevy Cavalier interchangeable?

What did Chevy replace the Cavalier with?

The new Ecotec engines replaced the GM 122 pushrod engine (2.2L OHV) in the base models in 2003 and became the sole engine of choice in the entire Chevrolet Cobalt Cavalier range.

Is GM bringing back the Cavalier?

GM Mexico has announced that the 2022 Chevy Cavalier Turbo will be offered in three different trim levels: LS, LT and RS. Specifically, it is the first time that the RS trim level has been offered as a specific trim level for a Chevrolet compact sedan in North America, as opposed to an option package.

When did Chevy discontinue the Cavalier?

Chevrolet last used the Cavalier name in 2005 for the third generation of its family of compact Cavalier models, available in four-door sedans, two-door coupes and two-door convertibles.

What cars have the same parts?

Is a Sunfire the same as a Cavalier?

How long do Chevy Cavaliers last?

So I would say with good care you should see between 200,000 and 325,000 (MILES, not KMS). Good luck, I hope this helps.

Are Chevy Cavaliers good cars?

In editorial reviews, the Chevrolet Cavalier was praised for its acceptable handling and performance, and a reasonably compliant drive. Cons included an outdated platform and poor crash test scores. In customer reviews, the car was praised for its fuel economy but criticized for its bland interior design.

Is the Chevy Cavalier unibody?

The basic structure was quite simple: a unibody design and the suspension consisted of MacPherson struts at the front and a simple live axle at the rear on coil springs.

What car replaced the Vauxhall Cavalier?

After twenty years and three generations, the Cavalier ended in October 1995 when it was replaced by the Vectra, although sales continued for about a year after that and several P-registered versions (August 1996 until July 1997) were sold.

How much is a 2020 Cavalier?

The 2020 Chevrolet Cavalier is available in four trim levels: LS (manual transmission), LS (automatic transmission), LT and Premier. The manual transmission-equipped LS starts at $14,644 and the Premier goes up to $17,883.

Is Chevy Cavalier world still in business?

Don’t see what you need (part number, MFG)? Email us now, we can help!!! We’re excited to announce that our partnership with DTS2 has expanded and DTS is now powering Chevy Cavalier World! Founded in 2003, DTS2 is a manufacturer of premium automotive performance parts for Chevy Cavalier, Sunfire, S10 and Ecotec.

How many convertible Cavaliers were made?

1992 model year – Chevrolet (USA) Cavalier, total production of the sedan – 70786 units. 1993 Model Year – Chevrolet (USA) Cavalier, Convertible Total Production – 8609 Units.

Is a Chevy Cavalier a sports car?

The Cavalier RS ​​has some of the style of the Z24, but uses the pushrod 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine of the base Cavalier coupe to make it the sporty entry-level coupe of the Chevrolet line.

What part of a car is interchangeable?

In general, all car parts can be interchangeable, and all cars share at least some parts with other models and brands. Car companies like to reduce costs in any way they can. Developing, testing, assembling and bringing a new vehicle design to production is expensive.

Is there a website that tells what parts will fit on another car?

Quickly search the Pull-A-Parts online parts exchange database to find your used car parts quickly and easily. Use the drop down boxes to tell us your location, make, model, year and the name of the used auto part you need.

What car brands are the same?

What is a Pontiac Sunbird?

The Pontiac Sunbird (also known as the Pontiac J2000 and Pontiac 2000) is a line of models manufactured and marketed by Pontiac from model years 1976 through 1994.



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