What Size Are 40k Bases?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 19, 2022

From 25mm round (1″) the standard base for 40,000 and Guardsmen etc. to 32mm round (~1 1/4″) which is the “new” infantry base size is up.

How tall are Warhammer 40K bases?

What size are 40K miniatures?

Warhammer 40,000 range (by Games Workshop company): The scale of Warhammer 40K miniatures is mostly 1:56 (28mm/32mm) with heroic proportions.

Are space marines on 32mm bases?

The most accepted basis for Space Marines is that all troops are stationed at 32mm instead of 25mm.

How big are Warhammer square bases?

Bases are actually 19mm and will leave a gap when you slot them into movement slots.

How thick are Citadel bases?

Games Workshop / Citadel uses 1/8″ thick bases, which is roughly 3mm. Warhammer Fantasy Battle and the same base standard carried over to Warhammer Ancients Battles is likely the source of the 20mm thick socket standard you’ve seen, although their sockets don’t have a cut-out at the top.

What is base size?

Base size is a way to standardize packaging instructions. You can tie your sling in many different ways, and we call this “carrying”. Each carry requires a sling that is long or short enough to complete all the steps and close around you.

What size are Warhammer Fantasy bases?

Most WFB miniatures were on 20mm square bases, but many of the miniatures made to replace these old leftover units in the current GW catalog (like the new Soulblight Skeletons and Zombies) were made for 25mm rounds bases and don’t exactly match the old base form factor.

Is Primaris a 28mm?

This set contains five premium resin legionnaire bodies in tabards. Designed for futuristic 28mm hero-scale wargames.

Are Warhammer Minis 28mm?

Technically, Warhammer models are somewhere between 28mm and 32mm, but in practice that means very little. Space Marines are two meters tall (without Power Armor) and Primaris Marines are even taller.

What size base is a dreadnought on?

NovemberIX. The Contemptor is a 60mm dreadnought, deredeo and leviathan are on 80mm bases, Tartaros are on the standard 40mm termi bases, I would imagine the Praetors are on 32 mm if they are marine size.


What size base is a Carnifex on?

Carnifex have 60mm or oval base (larger than the Broodlord, smaller than the Trygon/Mawloc).

What size base is a Chaos Lord on?

This kit builds a Chaos Lord. It comes in 6 plastic components and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base.

How big is a Bloodthirster base?

The Khorne Bloodthirster comes as 80 components and comes with an oval base citadel (120mm x 92mm).

How big is an imperial knight base?

170mm x 105mm Huge Oval Base for Warhammer 40k Games Workshop Imperial Knight.

What size bases are Ogryns on?

You get some really cool 40mm industrial size bases with the kit. A nice bit of flavor over just regular bases.

How thick is a GW base?

3 or 4mm. The 28 and 32mm bases are 3mm and the larger ones I have here are the 80mm and 65mm which both come out at 4mm on my Husky micrometer.

What size base is Primaris Marines?

The Primaris Intercessors come as 266 components, and are supplied with 10 Citadel 32mm Round Bases and a Transfer Sheet.

What size base are terminators on?

BluejayJunior. The Aquilon Terminators are the Forgeworld units that come on 50mm bases. The regular Allarus Sentinels come on 40mm bases and are included in the All Infantry table.

What are the dimensions of a base in baseball?

Baseball bases measure 15″ (38.1 cm) in width and length by 3″-5″ (7.62-12.7 cm) in height. The spacing between baseball bases is 90′ (27.43 m) for a total base distance of 360′ (109.7 m) with an infield area between bases of 8100 ft² (752.5 m²).



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