What Should I Bring to Goodwill Orientation?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 9, 2022

You must bring two forms of ID to verify the Federal Government’s required Form I-9. This may include a US passport, an unexpired driver’s license or state ID, and your Social Security card or original (or certified copy and sealed) birth certificate.

What do you wear to a Goodwill interview?

Clothing choices are important to making a good first impression at the Goodwill interview. Dressing appropriately and maintaining personal hygiene creates a professional image. Dressing professionally with skirts or pants is a good start.

Does Goodwill drug test in NC?

Yes, Goodwill does a drug test for pre-hire.

Can I wear leggings at Goodwill?

Clothing appropriate for work and required for most of the time includes but is not limited to: trousers/trousers/leggings ▪ Skirts, dresses and kilts – need not be taller than 3.5 inches above the knee and must be worn undergarments.

Does Goodwill allow colored hair?

Dyed hair, piercings and tattoos are acceptable.

Do you get searched before a drug test?

You will not be touched or scanned before your drug test. no The drug test will be administered by an alternative facility that will ask you to empty your pockets into a box. Then the box is closed and you carry out the urine analysis.

Do teachers get drug tested in NC?

Did you know that teachers in North and South Carolina are not required to take drug tests before attending class? The information came to light after NBC Charlotte learned that the Rock Hill school board rejected the idea of ​​drug-testing students because teachers aren’t held to the same standard.

Does Goodwill drug test in Tennessee?

It is Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, Inc. policy to provide a drug-free workplace for all employees. Therefore, as part of this policy, we require that all candidates for a conditional job offer undergo a urinalysis to determine drug levels.



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