What Reasons Does Chief Joseph Give for His Surrender Quizlet?

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What did Chief Joseph want quizlet?

What were the goals of Chief Joseph’s speech? Peace between the settlers and Native Americans and a peaceful return to the Wallowa Valley.

What was Chief Joseph most famous for quizlet?

Chief Joseph (1840-1904) succeeded his father as Chief of the Nez Percé in 1871. Six years later, he led his followers on an unsuccessful rout to escape captivity on a reservation. First sent to Oklahoma, they were eventually returned to a new reservation in Washington state.

Who said this quote when the Nez Perce surrendered in 1877 quizlet?

However, a bloody five-day battle in freezing conditions in 1877 weakened the Nez Perce. Instead of sacrificing the rest of his people, Chief Joseph surrendered. The “I Will Fight No More Forever” speech attributed to Chief Joseph is undoubtedly moving.

What is Chief Joseph’s perspective in I will fight no more forever?

This portion of the speech highlights Chief Joseph’s humanity as a leader. He describes his heart as “sick and sad” and admits that he can no longer fight and will never fight again.

What did Chief Joseph want?

Chief Joseph knew that his small tribe of 800 people and 200 warriors was no match for the US Army. To save his people, he retreated. He hoped to make it to Canada where he would meet up with Sitting Bull’s Sioux tribe.

What was Chief Joseph trying to accomplish?

Chief Joseph was a Nez Perce chief who, in the face of white settlement in Oregon, led his followers to escape to Canada in a dramatic attempt.

Why did Chief Joseph choose to surrender?

Unable to fight any longer, Chief Joseph surrendered to the Army with the understanding that he and his people would be allowed to return to the western Idaho reservation.

What was Chief Joseph famous quote?

I believe that much trouble and blood would be saved if we opened our hearts more.” “It doesn’t take many words to tell the truth.” “The earth is the mother of all people and all people should have equal rights on it.”

How does Chief Joseph define freedom quizlet?

Intro: Chief Joesph defines freedom similar to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but with one major flaw. He sees it as applying to all people of all nationalities in the United States.

What was Joseph’s final sentence of his famous surrender speech?

“Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. Where the sun is coming from now , I shall fight no more forever.” On October 5, 1877, Chief Joseph spoke these words during his surrender in the Bear Paw Mountains of Montana.

What was Chief Joseph’s response to the US government’s order moving the Nez Perce to a reservation in Idaho?

As they began their journey to Idaho, Chief Joseph learned that a group of Nez Percé men, angry at the loss of their homes, had killed some white settlers in the Salmon River area. Fearing retaliation from the US Army, the Chief withdrew.

Why did US government officials insist that Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce leave their land?

Chief Joseph got rid of his Bible and his American flag because he wanted to get rid of the white lifestyle. The Nez Perce moved east and began fighting the whites, so they heard that Sitting Bull and his followers were being given sanctuary there.

Who was Chief Joseph and what did he do?

Chief Joseph, Native American name In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat, (born c. 1840, Wallowa Valley, Oregon Territory – died 21 September 1904, Colville Reservation, Washington, USA), Chief the Nez Percé, who led his followers in a dramatic attempt to flee to Canada in the face of white settlement in Oregon’s tribal areas.

Who was the last Indian chief to surrender?

When Geronimo was captured on September 4, 1886, he was the last Native American leader to formally surrender to the US military. He spent the last 23 years of his life as a prisoner of war.

What did Chief Joseph promise his father before he died?

As Joseph grew up and assumed the chiefship, he was under increasing pressure from the government to give up his Wallowa lands and join the rest of the Nez Perce on their reservation near Lapwai, Idaho. Joseph refused, saying he had promised his father that he would never leave.

What does Chief Joseph mean when he says From where the sun now stands?

From where the sun is now I will not fight forever.”. He was tired and feeling bad/sad because they were in a war and many natives died. He decided not to fight any more.



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