What Problem Does Maricela Face in Seedfolks?

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How does Maricela get involved in the garden?

How does Maricela get involved in the garden? Her mother lets her grow food to help the family.

How does Maricela feel about the garden in seedfolks?

Maricela doesn’t like gardening; She hates getting dirty and likes or doesn’t know how to prepare the produce she grows. But a conversation in the garden with another gardener, Leona, helps Maricela to accept her pregnancy.

Is Virgil from seedfolks a boy or a girl?

Virgil is a boy – although in my stage version he was turned into a girl to balance the genders in the cast.

How old is Leona seedfolks?

Chapter 5: Leona

How old is she? (about 40). What is her ethnicity (African American). What is your contribution? (She plants goldenrod. She gets the city to clean up the vacant lot).

What does Maricela plant in seedfolks?

Familiar Face #3: This time Maricela gives us the name of her fellow gardener: Leona (that resourceful lady from Chapter 5). And Leona gives Maricela nothing but a goldenrod from her garden. Actually, Leona and Maricela have a nice relationship.

What evidence showed that Maricela was beginning to appreciate the garden?

What evidence showed that Maricela began to appreciate the garden? In the event of a power outage. She began to realize that the world wasn’t always a hateful place. She begins to think about nature and how she changed her mind.

Why does Penny think working in the garden will be good for Maricela and the other girls?

Why does Penny think gardening would be good for Maricela? She thinks it will help Maricela grow food for her baby. She wants others in the Maricela community to help with her pregnancy.

Who is Tio Juan in seedfolks?

Tío Juan is Gonzalo’s great uncle. He immigrated to Cleveland from Guatemala about two years prior to the beginning of the novel to be with his family. As Gonzalo explains, Tío Juan used to be the oldest and most respected man in his pueblo in Guatemala, but in the US, Tío Juan is essentially like a baby.

What does Leona mean when she says you can’t measure the distance between my block and City Hall in miles?

Leona says, “You can’t measure the distance between my block and City Hall in miles.” What does she mean by that? Leona says you have to make yourself real to be heard. How does she do it?

How old is Kim from Seedfolks?

The novel’s first narrator—and the first gardener in a garden that will eventually become a thriving community garden—is Kim, a nine-year-old Vietnamese girl living in Cleveland. Kim is both the youngest child in her family and the only person in her family who did not know her father personally.

How old is Curtis in Seedfolks?

In Shmoop’s humble opinion, Curtis is undergoing one of the most massive transformations of any seedfolk. He’s a twenty-eight year old African American and has a damn good plan to get back together with his ex-girlfriend Lateesha.

How old is Sam Seedfolks?

Look, Sam is a 78 year old Jewish man who just wants everyone to get along. He’s spent his life bringing people together, and now he wants to make cross-cultural friendships in the Cleveland Community Garden as well. Gosh, Sam really had a packed life.

Why does Leona feel responsible for the community?

She is the person responsible for cleaning up the junk on the vacant lot. Leona takes on this task in part because she wants to grow goldenrod, which reminds her of her grandma – like many of the characters in the novel, the garden is a way for Leona to connect with her past and family.< /p>

What does Leona say happens when you’re just a voice on the telephone?

She calls local governments to complain. Who says, “When people talk to you on the phone, you are nothing but a voice. And when you’re on hold, you’re not even that. I had to make myself real for her (her).”

What does Leona plant and why does she plant it?

Leona decides to plant a piece of goldenrod. Just as Kim was planting her beans to bond with her late father, hoping his spirit would notice her, Leona decides to plant goldenrod in honor of her grandmother.

Who planted carrots in Seedfolks?

12. Amir – Immigrant from India, plants aubergines, onions, carrots and cauliflowers, starts conversations with others in the garden, breaking misunderstandings and stereotypes.

What happened Seedfolks?

When Nora and Mr. Myles come into the garden, a rainstorm helps them make some new friends. And when Maricela, a pregnant teenager, has to sow seeds in the garden, she finally finds solace in her new friend Leona. Amir also gets to know his neighbors and Florence just loves to watch everything happen.

What did Amir reveal about the Polish woman?

So Amir and this Polish woman (he never tells us a name) plant next to each other in the garden. They talk a lot, and so Amir finds out that his Polish friend was in a concentration camp. Her father had publicly opposed the Germans, and that meant time in a concentration camp for her family.

Why do you think Gonzalo was embarrassed by his father and his uncle?

I think Gonzalo is embarrassed about his father and uncle. I think that because when his uncle smells and tastes the dirt, he prays none of his friends or foes sees. I know he’s embarrassed by his father because he says his father’s English is worse than a kindergarten child.



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