What Nationality Is Surname Khalil?

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Khalil (name)
Word/Name Arabic
meaning “friend”
other names
Alternative spelling Khaleel, Khelil
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What country does the name Khalil come from?

The name Khalil is primarily a male given name of Arabic origin and means friend. Khalil Gibran, Author/Poet.

How common is the last name Khalil?

Is Khalil a Turkish name?

Halil is a common Turkish male given name. It is synonymous with the Arabic first and last name Khalil or its variant Khaleel. Notable people with the name include: Halil Akbunar (born 1993), Turkish soccer player.

What language is Khalil?

Khalil in Arabic means a dear person or close person, lover or best friend. The Turkish and Bosnian equivalent of Khalil is Halil, and in Kurdish it is Xelil.

How old is the name Khalil?

The name appeared first in 1957 and was given to five newborns. Khalil became a popular boy name in the state of the District of Columbia in 2011. He was 38th with 29 babies.

What is a Khalil in Islam?

1. Khalil means a very close and dear companion in Arabic. This word is known on a certain scale as (al-Sifatul Mushabah), being used in the Arabic language to indicate that the above trait is consistently and constantly present in the one for whom it is used.

Is Khalil a Hawaiian name?

2 Submissions from the United States and France agree that the name Khalil means “friend of God” and is Arabic. 11 Submissions from around the world agree that the name Khalil means “friend” and is of Arabic origin.

Is Khalil in the Quran?

Khalīl-ullah “Friend of Allah” is an honorific title bestowed upon Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). See Quran 4:125: “Allah took Abraham to be his friend. ‘

How many people in the world are named Khalil?

Khalil was the 276th most popular boy name and the 10979th most popular girl name. In 2020 there were 1,217 little boys and only 8 little girls named Khalil. 1 in 1,505 boys and 1 in 218,881 girls born in 2020 will be named Khalil.

What is the meaning of the name Khalil?

Khalil or Khaleel (Arabic: خليل‎) means friend and is a common male given name in the Middle East, Caucasus, Balkans, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central Asia and among Muslims in South Asia and as such is also a common surname. It is also used among Turkic peoples of Russia and African Americans.

What does the name Halil mean in Turkish?

The name Halil is a boy name and means “friend”. Variant of Khalil common in Turkey.

What kind of name is Ramzi?

Scottish Baby Names Meaning:

In Scottish baby names, the name Ramzi means: Ram’s Isle.

What does Khalil mean in the Bible?

8. Khalil is a Hebrew boy name and the meaning of this name is “charming, sincere friend“.

How do you pronounce Khalil in Arabic?

How do you pronounce the name Khalil?

The name Khalil can be pronounced in text or letters as “Kah-LEEL“. Khalil is a brown boy name of Arabic origin.



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