What Motherboard Is in Dell Inspiron 530?

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Original Dell motherboard for Inspiron 530 530s and Vostro 200/400 systems. Please note this is the G33M02 model. This motherboard comes in two flavors: G33M03 and G33M02.

Dell brand
Chipset type Intel G33 Express
CPU model Intel Core Duo
Storage capacity 4GB
Maximum RAM memory size 4 GB
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Dell Genuine Motherboard for Inspiron 530, 530s and Vostro… › Original Motherboard Inspiro…

What motherboard is in a Dell Inspiron?

Dell Inspiron 17R (5721) motherboard

Contains Intel i5-3317U processor.

How old is a Dell Inspiron 530?

The one on 26. The Dell Inspiron 530, released June 2007, is the first desktop from Dell to use the Inspiron name.

What motherboard is in Inspiron 560?

Dell Inspiron 560 Desktop G43T-DM1 Motherboard – K83V0.

Can I upgrade Dell Inspiron motherboard?

Yes. You can upgrade. If you can overcome several things, such as B. A whole new registry for Windows, as the version you have now is tied to the Dell motherboard and is absolutely non-portable.

How can I find my motherboard model in Dell laptop?

Which company motherboard is used in Dell laptop?

Use/Application: Laptop. Model number: na,3542. Motherboard brand: Intel.

Is the Dell Inspiron desktop good for gaming?

This Dell desktop computer offers powerful graphics and a fast processor that makes it the best gaming PC at this price. The PC is equipped with AMD hardware and has plenty of RAM and storage, which are also upgradeable. You can easily play most games on high settings with a resolution of 1080p and 60 fps.

How do you open a Dell Inspiron 530?

How do you replace the power supply on a Dell Inspiron 530?

When did the Dell Inspiron 560 come out?

Is replacing a laptop motherboard worth it?

Originally Answered: Is it worth replacing a laptop’s motherboard? Not really, it’s probably better to just sell the laptop and switch to a new one. Unless you can change it without paying a lot of money, or you’re willing to spend a lot of time taking the laptop apart completely, it’s just not worth.

Can I change motherboard in Dell?

Upgrading or updating the motherboard in your Dell computer.

While some components on the motherboard, such as memory or hard drive, can be upgraded to higher capacities (depending on the computer), the motherboard itself is not intended to be upgraded.

Can you swap laptop motherboards?

In general, unfortunately, the answer is NO. Laptop motherboards cannot be updated. The simple reason is that the laptop motherboards are not uniform. They differ drastically in size and power requirements.



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