What Makeup Does Chelsea Houska Wear?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 27, 2022

She admitted she loved Tarte’s Face Tape Foundation. She also said she loves the Shape Tape concealer, also by Tarte. Chelsea later clarified that this was the basis she is currently using but admitted she still loves the other! The MTV star also revealed her secret to this always-shining look!

What hair products Does Chelsea Houska use?

First she shared that she uses L’ANZA keratin heating oil. She also uses Silken Shampoo from the same brand.

How do I style my hair like Chelsea Houska?

What does Chelsea Houska’s mom do?

Mary, a registered nurse, separated from Chelsea’s father, Randy, many years ago. Randy, a denist in South Dakota, is now remarried but remains close to his daughter.

Does Chelsea DeBoer wear extensions?

Just when we thought Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer couldn’t look gorgeous anymore, she goes ahead and proves us wrong. The Teen Mom 2 star just posted some new snaps to Instagram of her gorgeous hair, and her brand new extensions are working magic on her.

Is Chelsea still an esthetician?

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska quit her day job as a beautician to become a full-time mom

What hair color is Chelsea Houska?

Teen mom Chelsea Houska is being lauded for dying her hair dark brown while “finally” shedding her signature red locks. CHELSEA Houska has been praised for dying her hair dark brown after years of sporting red locks. The Teen Mom 2 graduate, 29, showed off her transformation after a visit to the hairdresser on Wednesday.

What does Chelsea’s dad Randy do?

Dentist & Family Man

Randy Houska from his days on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” as Chelsea’s quick-witted “Papa Randy.” However, he was a dentist long before he hit TV screens across America. dr Randy has been committed to helping Vermillion, SD smile for over 30 years and he won’t stop anytime soon.

What does Cole DeBoer do for a living?

For example, Cole DeBoer, Chelsea Houska’s husband, works as a traffic control specialist, which means he looks after the roads and highways in the state of South Dakota.

Is Chelsea dad Randy married?

His postgraduate plans took him to Vermillion, where he has lived ever since. Dr. Randy and his wife Rita are a true family man and have six children and several grandchildren. In 2009, his life took an unexpected turn when he and his family became reality stars, appearing in the MTV series Teen Mom 2.



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