What Level Should I Be for Shadow Nanako?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 27, 2022

What level should I be for Shadow rise?

STRATEGY. Your party should be around level 33-38 (probably level 40 before Shadow Teddie) before attempting to fight Shadow Rise to make things easier. Shadow Rise always starts with fire spells, so if you brought Chie with you, make sure she guards as much as needed.

What level should you be heaven boss?

DJ Guide suggests lvl 64 for the Heaven Boss.

What level should I be for shadow Namatame?

Tips. The player only needs to level up enough for all party members to survive Unerring Justice, so it can be a little under level 60. It is recommended that the player have at least one healer and as many Makarakarn casters as possible.

What level should I be to fight Shadow Kanji?

Is Shadow Rise hard?

Shadow Rise is actually one of the easier boss fights in Persona 4 Golden, but the encounter can be a bit tricky if you’re not quite sure what to do. The fight begins with her trying to analyze each of your party members and trying to eliminate their weaknesses.

How many floors is RISE’s dungeon?

There are eleven floors at Marukyu Striptease. It is best to train on floors 1 to 5 to level up sufficiently. When you reach the 7th floor, Rise-chan will turn off the lights, making it a bit difficult to see.

What level should I be to fight Yukiko?

It is recommended that you reach level 12-15 on normal difficulty before fighting this boss. A fire-resistant persona is also useful in this fight.

What dungeon is after Naoto?

Secret Laboratory is a dungeon in Persona 4. Created in the Midnight Channel through Naoto Shirogan’s true feelings, it resembles a secret sci-fi base; According to Kanji Tatsumi, the base appears to be inspired by those in tokusatsu shows.

How many floors is Naoto’s dungeon?

This P4G dungeon has 9 floors and bears many resemblances to a sci-fi secret base. We’re going to go through everything you need to know about unlocking and entering the dungeon.

Is Ameno Sagiri a God?

Also known as Ame-no-sagiri-no-kami, Ameno Sagiri is the Japanese god of mist. It was created as part of the Kamiumi, an account of the birth of the Shinto gods, in its earlier phase before the death of Izanami by Kagutsuchi.

Is Teddie Nanako’s shadow?

He explains the origins of his existence to the protagonist, sadly realizing that he is just a shadow who has taken the form of a cartoon bear so that people will like him. Teddie asks the protagonist to apologize to Nanako in Heaven.

Why is Adachi’s persona Izanagi?

Magatsu-Izanagi is the persona of Tohru Adachi, who is actually responsible for the murders in Inaba. It follows the form of Izanagi as it is actually given to Adachi without Adachi’s knowledge by Izanami when he first arrived in the rural town.

What is Kanjis shadow weak to?

After rescuing Kanji, return and find the Intolerant Officer on the 11th floor. It is weak to Electrics and deals medium ice damage to a party member.

What is wondrous Magus weak to?

Wondrous Magus has no weaknesses to exploit, but using Chie’s Skull Cracker and Yosuke’s Tentarafoo will incapacitate them for several turns and prevent them from attacking the party (although they can hit each other). , to deal minimal damage). .

What day do I have to save Kanji?

You must use kanji before the 4. Save June.



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