What Kind of Demon Is Ciel?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 19, 2022

Is Ciel Phantomhive a demon?

Ciel as a demon. The second season introduces five other demons in addition to Sebastian: Claude Faustus, Hannah Annafellows, Timber, Thompson, and Canterbury. At the end of the season, Ciel Phantomhive is transformed into a demon. The season also adds two more contract people: Alois Trancy and Luka Macken.

Is Ciel a demon in Book of Circus?

MasterLau wrote: No, Ciel will never be a demon in the manga, this is just some crap season 2 made up. And no, Ciel isn’t a demon in Book of Circus, we’re actually following the manga this time, so no, never.

Is Ciel a demon in s3?

In short, no, Ciel is not and has never been a demon. Basically, the third season is between seasons 1 and 2. It is supposed to be a sequel after episode 15. Just treat season 2 and beyond episode 15 of season 1 in the anime like it never happened.

What is Ciel’s twins name?

Ciel Phantomhive” (“Shieru Phantomhive”, “Shieru Fantomuhaivu”) is the true head of the Phantomhive house. He is also the older identical twin brother of Ciel Phantomhive and the original fiancĂ© of Elizabeth Midford.

Does Ciel stay a demon?

No. When Alois signed a contract with Hannah, he wished that Ciel would become a demon. Man doesn’t just become a demon, he becomes a part of the demon, the soul stays inside, like when Hannah ate Luke’s soul…

Who is the strongest demon in Black Butler?

Black Butler’s strongest and most diabolical villain was Baron Kelvin.

Is Ciel Phantomhive allergic to cats?

9 Ciel Phantomhive reveals his cat allergy after discovering cats in Sebastian’s closet (Black Butler) Ciel Phantomhive is one of two identical twins in Black Butler, confusingly both named Ciel.

Is Sebastian a crow or raven?

When Sebastian was summoned in the manga, he appeared in his true demon form. In the anime, he appeared as a crow or raven accompanied by a shower of feathers. In the manga, it seems Sebastian was summoned by mistake.

What is Sebastian’s real name?

No, according to the Disney Princess website, his full name is Horatio Felonius Ignacius Crustaceous Sebastian. Which means his first name is Horatio. Horatio. Not only have we called the happy crab by his last name for 27 years, but the poor guy has five names, all of which are ridiculous.

What is Hannah Black Butler?

Hannah is the third demon to appear in Kuroshitsuji and the first to be female. She is the first demon to have the contract seal anywhere other than on the back of her left hand; she has it on her eye.

Are there two Ciels?

In the Blue Cult arc, the real Ciel returned and the current Ciel and Sebastion were shocked to see him alive again. Although the servants have their doubts, Sebastion finally confirmed that the other Ciel was indeed the real Ciel and that the Ciel they followed was his twin brother.

How did Sebastian become a demon?

Speaking of Christianity (the kind of demon he descended from), he was an angel who rebelled along with Satan from God, who thought himself greater than God. He was thrown out of heaven and became a demon. He was never human.

How old is Ciel in Season 4?

The story follows the life of a 13 year old boy, Ciel Phantomhive.

Is Ciel Phantomhive evil?

His motives are terrible (revenge), his actions are terrible (even murder), he is a brat in general. Ciel Phantomhive IS the villain. He’s not someone to save or protect.

Is Sirius A Ciel?

ciel’s real name is Sirius: Sirius is the name of the brightest star in the night sky, also known as the “Dog Star”. It is often associated with dogs in general.



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