What Jobs Are Infps Good At?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 5, 2022

What careers should INFPs avoid?

What should INFP study?

INFPs with investigative social interests often study the social sciences (history, economics, psychology, sociology, geography, anthropology, archaeology, political science, etc.).

What are INFPs talents?

Are INFP successful?

Mediators (INFPs) define success in their own terms. People with this personality type are dreamers and idealists. If their daily lives don’t feel meaningful on a deep level, they won’t settle for money, fame, power, or any other conventional measure of success.

Who should INFP marry?

The most compatible personality types for INFPs are considered to be the INFJ, ESFJ, and ENFJ personality types. The common feature is extroverted feeling (Fe), which allows INFPs to explore the more adventurous side of their personalities together.

What music do INFPs like?

Mediators (INFP) (86%)

Alternative rock has its roots in punk, and Mediators seem to have an affinity for both. However, similar to punk, mediators may tend to favor the more emotional alternative spectrum music.

Where do most INFPs live?

Idealists like INFPS would do well in Portland, Oregon because of their progressive attitude.

Do INFPs learn fast?

INFPs are actually pretty fast learners and enjoy discovering new things. Their minds can grasp things surprisingly quickly, which helps them adapt to new situations. While others may take time to learn the process and want to be prepared for every step, the INFP likes to dive right in.

How do you make money as an INFP?

What hobbies do INFPs have?

Popular hobbies for INFPs include poetry, creative writing, music, photography, theater and visual arts.

Why is INFP so popular?

Because they’re on autopilot with their introverted feelings, it’s about being real and authentic. Since authenticity is about being individualistic, INFPs don’t fit into any cliché other than being “true to yourself”.

What is INFP superpower?

INFPs are unique individuals with rare abilities – including the ability to masterly understand emotions and human experiences. At their best, INFPs bring emotional healing to others and inspire incredible changes in the world. INFPs are also rare, making up about 4 to 5 percent of the population.

Why is it so hard to be an INFP?

1. It’s hard to find people who are emotionally open, available and willing to dive deep. INFPs are generally very understanding and empathetic towards others, even people they don’t understand (no matter how hard they try). However, they don’t usually form deep connections with shallow or garrulous people.

Why the world needs INFPs?

How do INFPs see the world?


They are oblivious to, or at least not focused on, the literal details of the world around them. You see the endless possibilities of an object, an idea or a relationship. You see what could be. NPs can also detect unusual connections between things.

Are INFP cute?

The definition of cute was practically modeled after the INFP persona. They’re introverted, so they can be shy and endearing. They are idealists and optimists and it’s cute because others tend to see it from a childish, even naive perspective. They are people with deep feelings and gentle.

What is the love language of INFP?

INFPs show a strong preference for good times as the language of love, followed by words of affirmation and physical touch. Despite experiencing extremely strong emotions inside, INFPs prefer to show their love by spending time with those they care about and engaging with them in activities they enjoy.

Who are INFPs least compatible with?

How do you know if your INFP?



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