What Is Xanathar?

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Xanathar is a viewer, or rather a series of viewers sharing a title, and a recurring antagonist of the Dungeons & Dragons backdrop from Forgotten Realms. He is the boss of the Xanathar Thieves underground guild in Skullport

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Skullport, also known as the Haven of Shadows, was an underground city lying well below Waterdeep, within the 3rd level of Undermountain known as the Sargauth Level.


What does Xanathar mean?

Xanathar may refer to: Xanathar (title): the title held by the leader of the Xanathar Thieves Guild. Xanathar (Original): the original viewer named Xanathar, whose identity was later claimed by another.

What color is Xanathar?

Description. Xanathar resembled a typical beholder, with a large spherical body about four feet in diameter, ten eye stalks, and a large central eye over a wide, fang-filled mouth. Its chitinous skin was dark blue-grey in color and shaded to a dull yellow-orange around its mouth and underside.

Does Xanathar speak common?

He speaks Common and Dwarf.

Do people know about Xanathar?

Xanathar’s guild is well known among criminals, but Xanathar’s identity is a closely guarded secret.

Where is Xanathar located?

Xanathar’s Lair is an ancient dungeon complex originally built by Netherese wizards and expanded over time by viewers. It is connected to the underground city of Skullport by a long tunnel (Area X4). A secret staircase (Area X1) gives access to Dawic’s Sewers.

How many eyes does the Xanathar have?

There were eleven Eyes of Xanathar. Together they formed the Eleven Eyes of Xanathar. They were Kirukeskai’s most trusted agents, dubbed “the Xanathar”.

Can you play lands with Xanathar?

Xanathar doesn’t change if you can cast spells or play lands. You must continue to follow all normal timing rules and land play restrictions. You still pay all costs for spells cast this way, including any additional costs.

What adventure is Xanathar in?

Wrath of Xanathar is an adventure module set in the Forgotten Realms that includes Dungeons & Dragons 5th ruleset. It is part of the Waterdeep adventure series released for the D&D Adventurers League.

How long has Xanathar been in Waterdeep?

Apparently it has been over 140 years since the original Xanathar founded his kingdom of crime in the sewers of Waterdeep. Lore specifically states that the original Xanathar was killed in 1358 DR by a rival beholder who also ran a slave trading business in Skullport.

What is the Xanathar Guild?

An ever-growing organization that used multiple mouthpieces to protect and hide Xanathar identities. To join, a member had to prove their ruthlessness, obedience, and loyalty by committing a serious crime – killing or selling a friend or family member into slavery and paying 300 gp.

What is the best language to learn in DnD?

  • Drachonic. Image by Deepu Joseph from Pixabay.
  • Giant. I recommend Giant for the same reason as Draconic: Enemies you might encounter, giants, speak that language.
  • Celestial.
  • Elvish.
  • < li>Dwarf .

  • Goblin.
  • Abyssal/Hellish.

Is Xanathar Guild kingpin a good commander?

What is the name of Xanathar’s goldfish?

Sylgar was the name of the coveted Xanathar goldfish, Zushaxx.

What plane are beholders from?

They are the creation of the Daelkyr, the lords of the Planes of Xoriat. When the Daelkyr invaded Eberron, they created the viewers as part of their armies. When the Daelkyr were pushed back into Xoriat by the gatekeepers, most of the spectators were pushed back into Xoriat as well.

Is Xanathar’s lost notes to everything else official?

It is not an official Wizards of the Coast product – it is produced by a third party. While D&D Beyond continues to be in discussions with a number of third parties to include their work in D&D Beyond, I understand that this is a lengthy process that also involves Wizards of the Coast.

How did Xanathar get the stone of Golorr?

Xanathar stole the Stone of Golorr from Lord Neverember and he stole one of the three eyes from the Zhentarim. Then he lost the stone when Dalakhar took it from him.

Who stole the Stone of Golorr?

In the late 15th. century DR, the Stone of Golorr was used to store knowledge of the location of the Dragon Chamber, which contained treasure that had been embezzled from Dagult Neverember , just before he was ousted as the Open Lord of Waterdeep. Eventually the stone fell into the hands of Xanathar.

Where is Skullport?

Skullport lies on the third subterranean level of the Undermountain complex just below Waterdeep (and Mount Waterdeep), also known as “The Sargauth Level”, named for the underground river that flows through it ( and Skullport is built on top of it).

Where does Mordenkainen live?

History. Although Mordenkainen resided mainly on Oerth, his spells were not uncommon among spellbooks in Faerûn at least in the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR. He often traveled to Waterdeep with his friends to have fun in a town where he wasn’t recognised.


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