What Is the Theme of the Story the Gold Frame?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 20, 2022

In The Gold Frame by R.K. Laxman

we have the theme of deception, dishonesty, independence, responsibility and fear. Narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator the reader realises after reading the story that Laxman may be exploring the theme of deception.

What value do you learn from the lesson the gold frame?

Once a customer approaches Datta to get an old photograph framed in the best possible frame. He respects, admires and praises the old man which makes one believe that the man in the photograph must have been an ideal human being. The customer is great for his ability to recognize and respect such humanity.

Who is the protagonist of the story the gold frame?

The present story starts with Datta. Who is the owner of a small shop called The Modern Frame Works. He used to put pictures into frames. Datta usually do not start the works because it often happened that when customers give the order to make frame for photo then Datta make it with full enthusiasm and in given time.

What is central character of the gold frame?

Datta, the owner of the Modern Frame Works, is the central figure in the story. He was a lean man with silver-rimmed glasses and the colour of seasoned timber. He was a silent and hardworking man. He spoke very little and discouraged casual friends and idle gossip.

Who is the writer of the lesson the gold frame * 1 point?

His complaint was that he had asked for a cut mount with an oval shape but the frame used is square. Ans1 Data is the main character of the story ‘The Gold Frame’ written by R.K. Laxman.

What did the customer want in Chapter The gold frame?

Ans: The customer wanted the photo of a man framed whom he held with very high regard. He thought the elderly person had superhuman qualities, and deserved a befitting frame for his photograph. This is why he had come to the shop renowned for its superb workmanship.

What was the intention of the customer in this story when he went to Datta?

What was the intention of the customer in this story when he went to Datta? The customer wanted the photograph of an elderly person framed.

What type of short story is the story the gold frame?

“The Gold Frame” is a moving short story. It was written by R.K. Laxman. The story ends in an unexpected manner.

What solution did Datta finally come up with?

The solution that Datta came up with, after realizing that he destroyed the sacred picture, is of using the old unclaimed picture to replace the real one. He decides to frame it with a golden frame.

How did Datta deceive the customer?

Datta having destroyed the customer’s photograph begins to hatch a plan together in whereby he attempts to use another photograph to fool the customer. Not only is Datta being deceptive but he is being dishonest too and not taking full responsibility for his actions.

How did the author describe the shop owned by Datta?

Datta’s shop’s name was ‘Modern Frame Works‘. It was located in the middle of two shops. One was a medical shop and the other was a radio repairing shop. The shop was made of wood and it was standing on shaky wooden legs.

What impression do you gather about Datta The frame Maker long answer?

Datta was a Hard working man . He was a silent man loving silence and his work he was probably a middle aged person .

How did photograph get damaged?

It fell down and some paint spilled on the photograph. That spilled paint damaged the photograph. That action of standing up and shaking his dhoti was his practice from time to time to recover lost items.



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