What Is the Smallest Dragonboy About?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 6, 2022

In Anne McCaffrey’s short story The Littlest Dragon Boy, a young boy named Keevan faces a challenging situation. Set on the imaginary planet Pern, young Keevan longs to earn the prestigious title of Dragon Rider to protect his planet from the deadly Red Star.

What is the main idea of the smallest Dragonboy?

What is the theme of the smallest dragon boy? The value of a person is not determined by their size but by their quality of character.

What lesson can be learned from the smallest Dragonboy?

What is the conflict in the smallest Dragonboy?


Keevan has many conflicts, both external and internal. His external conflicts are his problems with bullies and being constantly told that he is defined by his size . His inner conflict was when his doubts overwhelmed him and created a deeper sense of insecurity within him.

How are dragon riders chosen in the smallest Dragonboy?

How are young Dragon Rider candidates selected? They await the hatching of a clutch of dragon eggs, then each newborn dragon chooses its own rider through telepathic communication.

What does keevan want as the story opens?

What does Keevan want at the beginning of the story? To become a dragon rider. How are Dragon Riders chosen? Young gather when the dragons hatch.

How does the story end in the smallest Dragonboy?

Pride and joy jumped in both chests so much that K’van wondered if his heart was about to burst out of his body. He put an arm around Heth’s neck and the pair, the smallest dragonkit and the hatchling that wouldn’t choose anyone else, left the hatchery together forever.

What is the resolution of the smallest Dragonboy?

Solution: Keevan and Heth become partners for life.

Who is the protagonist in the smallest Dragonboy?

Why can keevan be considered the underdog of the story?

Why can Keevan be considered an outsider in history? Because he’s not like the other candidates; he is very small and underestimated.

What decision were the dragonriders trying to make over dinner how does keevan feel about the possible options?

The Dragon Riders are trying to decide whether or not to eliminate one of the candidates. The options are to eliminate the youngest, those who passed 4 times or more, or both. Keevan felt like he could face elimination as long as Beterli is eliminated as well.

Who are the characters in the smallest Dragonboy?

How did keevan know that the impression was starting?

How did Keevan know the Impression was starting? No boy had come to see him. He heard a buzz. The only white robe in the bedroom was his own.

How are dragonriders chosen?

Dragon Riders are chosen from among candidates at an incubation where newly hatched dragons impress a human. However, a dragon will occasionally choose to impress a person not specifically chosen as a candidate.

What is the exposition of the smallest Dragonboy?

What genre is the smallest Dragonboy?

The Littlest Dragon Boy is a short story in the Dragonriders of Pern series written by Anne McCaffrey and included in the Get Off the Unicorn and A Gift of Dragons anthology collections. It was first published in Science Fiction Tales in September 1973.



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