What Is the Shortest Shower Curtain?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 17, 2022

How short can a shower curtain be?

A shower curtain shouldn’t touch the floor, although it can extend to within an inch or two. A shower curtain that drags on the floor collects dust and stains more easily. On the other hand, make sure the shower curtain is hung low enough to keep all the water in the tub.

What sizes does shower curtains come in?

How can I make my shower curtain liner shorter?

Slowly cut the liner with sharp scissors. Move it over the liner in small, deliberate movements so it doesn’t end up with a ragged edge . Flatten the backing as you cut to ensure it stays even as you work. Then hang it on the hanging rod.

Are there different lengths of shower curtains?

There are 3 standard shower curtain sizes: 70″ x 70″, 70″ x 72″ and 72″ x 72″. One of these 3 sizes will fit the showers found in most homes. However, there are exceptions and you may need a different size if you have an oversized shower, shower stall or curved curtain rod.

How far should shower curtain hang from floor?

A standard shower curtain is typically 72 inches long, so the curtain rod should be installed about 75 to 77 inches off the floor. This height prevents the shower curtain from touching the floor.

Should the shower curtain touch the floor?

The average length of a shower curtain is 72 inches and should be installed 75-77 inches off the floor so it does not touch the floor. However, many people deviate from this for aesthetic reasons, preferring the look of the curtain touching the floor.

What is the standard length of a shower?

Standard shower stall sizes are 36 inches wide and 60 inches long. However, there are about a dozen “standard shower sizes” in the US alone. But showers larger than 48 inches wide or 60 inches long are rare.

Can you use a shower curtain with a walk in shower?

It is possible to use a shower curtain with a walk in shower – the best choices are ones that are either weighted down or made from a heavier material.

What do you do if your shower curtain liner is too long?

Use a string or tie instead of shower rings and adjust the length to suit. If you have an extra ribbon or string lying around, you can use it to extend your shower curtain. Using ribbon or string makes it easy to get the exact length you want.

How do you shorten plastic curtains?

What are curtain lengths?

Purchasing Standard Length Curtains

Standard curtains come in three lengths – 84″, 96″ or 108″..

What is the standard curtain size?

While size varies by window size, the most common standard curtain length is probably 95-96 inches. This single size is sometimes referred to as 95 inches and sometimes as 96 inches.

Does shower curtain go inside or outside tub?

What is this? If you take a shower, you should leave the pad in the tub. This will prevent water from running off the foil onto the floor. Your shower curtain should run outside the tub, with the rim of your bathtub sandwiched between the two.

Can you cut a shower curtain?

It’s a cinch to cut the shower curtain into a pair of curtains for another room in the house. Simply lay the curtain flat and fold it in half vertically. Pin the fold with tailor’s needles or lightly iron to create a fold. Carefully cut along the crease to divide the curtain into two even panels.



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