What Is the Purpose of Cufflinks?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 29, 2022

Cufflinks are used to close shirt cuffs and are an alternative to buttons, which are usually sewn into the cuff.

What is the point of cufflinks?

What is the point of cufflinks? Cufflinks are tools for closing shirt cuffs. They are an alternative to the buttons commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs. The defining feature is that cufflinks are separate objects: sew onto the shirt and it’s a button, but when fully detachable, it’s a cufflink.

Are cufflinks necessary?

Cufflinks are needed when wearing a shirt with French cuffs, a shirt cuff that is folded back before closing, creating a double-layered cuff. This shirt style should always be paired with a tuxedo, but can also be worn with a suit.

Can I wear cufflinks with a regular shirt?

You can wear cufflinks with either a single cuff or double cuff. The individual cuffs look like normal cuffs on a shirt, but with holes on both sides.

What type of shirt needs cufflinks?

Although you might be able to wear both options with some shirts you buy, ultimately if you want to wear cufflinks you need to make sure your shirt has holes in the cuffs and not just buttons .

Are cufflinks still a thing?

So yes, cufflinks are very popular with men who dress to impress, and they’re a lot more common than you might think. OK, we all know a lot of men have ditched the tie, although heaven knows why. Ties can say so much about a man and the choice of ties is almost limitless, as are cufflinks.

Should I wear cufflinks to a job interview?

While men’s accessories aren’t that big of a deal, it’s important to take care of your cufflinks, tie clip, and belt; for example, don’t wear anything you might wear out to a club. Regardless of the accessories you choose to wear, just remember that you want to look polished and professional.

Can you wear cufflinks to a funeral?

Funeral Ties, Cufflinks & Pocket Squares

Make sure your tie is pressed and neatly tied on the day. Cufflinks are also an accessory to consider when dressing for a funeral. Small, classic cufflinks are all you need to complete your formal look with the right polish.

Why do people French cuff shirts?

As a general rule, you should wear french cuffs anytime you feel like spicing up an outfit. A lot of people think of french cuffs as something worn with a tuxedo in an evening wear, or something equally formal – not like that.

What can I use instead of cufflinks?

Can you wear cufflinks without a French cuff?

Whether you envision a traditional stiff collar for the office or have a casual button-down in mind, the end result is the same: You need to eliminate the buttons and ideally create a double cuff – this is how you wear cufflinks without French cuffs.



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