What Is the Plural of Desert?

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1 desert /ˈdɛzɚt/ noun. Plural deserts.

What is the plural form of deserts?

The plural form of desert; more than one (kind of) desert. There are many deserts in the world.

What are the two meanings of desert?

1 : dry land with usually sparse vegetation, especially : such land with a very warm climate and less than 25 centimeters (10 inches) of sporadic precipitation per year. 2 : a seemingly inanimate body of water. 3 : a desolate or forbidding area lost in a desert of doubt.

What is the plural of Oasis?

noun. oa·​sis | \ ō-ˈā-səs \ plural oases\ ō-​ˈā-​ˌsēz \

What is the plural of sand?

1 Sand /ˈsænd/ Substantiv. Plural Sande.

Which is dessert and desert?

Dessert, written with one S, refers to an arid region. Dessert, written with two S’s, refers to a sweet dish eaten after a meal. However, sometimes desert is an entirely different word that refers to what you deserve, especially in the phrase just deserts.

What do you mean by deserted?

Adjective. abandoned; Forsaken: The troubles of abandoned women and children. uninhabited: without inhabitants: an abandoned village; an abandoned farmhouse. not frequented; lonely: The victim was lured to a deserted place.

What kind of noun is dessert?

Dessert → countable

Example sentence: If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t eat so many desserts.

Is Deserty a word?

Adjective. Similar to a desert or an aspect thereof. the lonely ground.

Is Desertous a word?

to serve everyone.

What is the plural of octopus?


“Octopuses” gives the word an English suffix to match its adoption as an English word. When a noun comes into English, it is generally pluralized as an English word rather than in its original form. Octopuses may sound strange to some, but this is the preferred plural.

What is the plural of dwarf?

Plural dwarfs /ˈdwoɚfs/ also dwarfs /ˈdwoɚvz/ 1 dwarf. /ˈdwoɚf/ noun. Plural dwarfs /ˈdwoɚfs/ also dwarfs /ˈdwoɚvz/

What is the plural of moose?

The only correct plural form of moose is moose. Sometimes people add an S to the moose, but that’s wrong. Moose is descended from Algonquian, a Native American language. It retained the same plural ending as its original language, rather than adopting the normal S ending of most English plurals.

What is the plural of water?

Both the uncounted water and the plural bodies of water are used to refer to a specific body of water, as in “the water(s) of Lake Michigan”. But there are subtle differences in their use.

Which is correct sand or sands?

The noun sand can be countable or uncountable. In more general, common contexts, the plural form will also be sand. However, in more specific contexts the plural form can also be sand, e.g. relating to different types of sand or a collection of sand.

What is the plural of milk?

Singular. Milk. Plural. milk. The plural form of milk; more than one (kind of) milk.

Why are deserts called deserts?

Deserts – barren, sometimes mysterious worlds – have been portrayed as fascinating environments for adventure and exploration, from tales like Lawrence of Arabia to films like Dune. These dry regions are called deserts because they are dry. They can be hot, they can be cold.

Why are sweets called deserts?

The word dessert derives from the French word desservir, which translates to “to clear the table”. This origin is apt given that the first use of desserts was to provide aftertaste of desserts to wash down a big meal with something sweet.

How do you spell Desserted?

How do you say desert dessert?



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