What Is the Plot of Nethergrave?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 29, 2022

In “Nethergrave” Jeremy decides his world isn’t the one he wants to be in. The world in which he feels he is not wanted. So he decided that virtual is better than real life. He went into this world hiding from his fears and worries of living in a world where he is not wanted.

What is the theme of the story Nethergrave?

The theme of Nethergrave is not to believe everything you’re told. An example of this theme in Nether Grave is “He told his online friends he was a high school junior.”

What is the Nethergrave?

Nethergrave is about a boy, Jeremy, who makes a life-changing decision after a lonely and disappointing day. From the two science fiction stories “A. 836 words. 4 pages.

What are the characters in Nethergrave?

Clarisse, Beatty and Faber are the main reasons for the depth of the novel. These characters are essential to the story because they make the story more interesting and exciting. Each character has a specific purpose, why they wrote and how each influences the main character.

What type of characterization is used in Nethergrave?

In Nethergrave, the author uses the first person perspective. The boy describes his surroundings so well that we don’t need to know what the other characters are feeling.

What is the main conflict of A Sound of Thunder?

The main conflict in Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” is people against themselves. Both Eckels and Travis represent in different ways the negative qualities of arrogance and selfishness, and their failure to control themselves has devastating consequences not only for themselves but for the world at large.

Why Is A Sound of Thunder better than Nethergrave?

Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder is a better example of a sci-fi story than Gloria Skurzynski’s Nethergrave because the story focuses more on technology . The setting in “A Sound of Thunder” is more future-oriented.

How does Nethergrave fit science fiction?

The Nethergrave fits into the genre because of the virtual world controlled and presented by the Magus who seems to know everything. The virtual world also seems to have great “graphics”, albeit not realistic, and how the main character physically entered the nether tomb from his bedroom.

Is Nethergrave a book?

Nethergrave by Gloria Skurzynski. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking “Nethergrave” as “want to read”: “want to read”.

Which quote from Nethergrave best conveys?

Which quote from “Nethergrave” best expresses Jeremy’s desire to escape the real world? “Jeremy didn’t need the mouse anymore; he just forced himself to move.”



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