What Is the Passcode for Super Paper Mario Merlees Mansion?

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With the help of a newly acquired Pixl, Slim, Mario and Peach reach the vault with 1,000,000 Rubees. These rubies are stored in a vault with the password 41262816. This password is heard by one of Mimi’s workers while they are sleeping and can be exchanged for 10,000 Rubees.

What is the code in Super Paper Mario?

Use Slim on top to fit between the lasers, then enter this code in the vault door: 41262816. After collecting the million rubees inside, return to the bank on the ground floor to complete the level.

What is the passcode for Super Paper Mario 3 4?

Answer all questions “true” again, then enter the passcode: 2828 to open another door.

Where is Merlons house in Paper Mario?

Merlon is first introduced as a character in Paper Mario and serves as a key ally in the game. Here, his house has a spinning roof and is outside the gates of Peach’s Castle in Toad Town.

How do you get rubies in Paper Mario?

Who is the real Merlee?

Switch to 3D on the left side of the room and hit the flip blocks, then climb to the top floor in 2D to find Merlee, or so you think. Answer her questions any way you like to make her reveal her true identity: Mimi, a spider-like creature with a bad attitude.

How do I get a Tiptron?

Visit Francis in Chapters 3-4 after beating the game and discover that he has created a near-perfect clone of Tippi named Tiptron. You can buy it from him for a cool 999 coins. Tiptron, while expensive, allows you to use the same power Tippi had!

Who is Mimi from Super Paper Mario?

Mimi is one of the main antagonists in Super Paper Mario. She is a servant of Count Bleck. Her most notable power is her shapeshifting ability, which she uses to mimic the appearance of characters like Bowser, Merlee, and King Sammer.

How do you get to Chapter 3 in Paper Mario?

Spin Jump into the Grove where Mario first fell from Peach’s Castle early in the game to reveal a Star Piece. Get there by going southwest from the village. Then spin jump near the heart block and stone block to reveal this star piece. Now go to Toad Town and enter Goomba Road from this entrance.

How do you get under a creepy steeple?

Creepy Steeple

Jump into the well in front of the gate to enter an area with a Shine sprite. Go right and kill a bunch of enemies in this room the tornado – jump badge. Use the spring to jump back up and roll Mario’s paper scroll under the church tower’s front gate.

What is the dark Prognosticus?

The Dark Prognosticus is a book of prophecies that appeared in Super Paper Mario. The author of the book and the source of her knowledge are never revealed in the game. At the beginning of this powerful object is a warning: Those who have owned the book have never found happiness.

What do Merlee’s charms do?

Merlee’s spells work randomly during or after battles, and the effects they give Mario are also random. When activated, a spell will either increase the amount of coins Mario gains after a battle, double his Star Points, or increase his attack/defense power by 3.

How do you get quick change TTYD?

Quick Change is a badge in Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. If Mario wears it, his partner can attack even after switching partners. In Paper Mario, you get it by jumping around Merlon’s house three times. You need 4 BP to carry it.

How do you eclipse the sun in Paper Mario?

Where is the ritual in Paper Mario?

How do you dig an origami King?

Hammer the seal on the bottom of the head as it sinks into the sand to destroy it and save Professor Toad! He will then join your adventure! With Professor Toad on your team, you can now start digging in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert.

What happens if you pick the wrong Merlee?

After selecting the character, Mimi returns to her default form and transforms into a spider to fight Mario or Peach. If the player selects the real Merlee, Merlee will smile because Mario can “obviously” identify her and nobody can copy her.

Where is Merlee in Thousand Year Door?

She lives in a hidden alley way down an alley behind the Toad House in Dry Dry Outpost.

Where is the third heart pillar in Super Paper Mario?

On the first floor of the basement, jump past the warp tube to the wall at the end. Once you get there, switch to 3D to find a small slot through which you can slim Can use powers, where you can find the third heart pillar.

Is Tippi a Tiptron?

Tiptron is a robot version of Tippi, a partner of Mario in the game Super Paper Mario. At the end of the game, Tippi is no longer available to the player after her marriage to Count Bleck and subsequent disappearance.



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