What Is the Opposite of Soliciting?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 31, 2022

Antonyms & Nearby antonyms for solicited. unsolicited unsolicited.

What is the synonym of soliciting?

Synonyms for request. ask, press (up), beg.

What is the meaning of word soliciting?

transitive verb 1a : make an application to : ask. b : To contact Congress regarding funding with a request or request. 2 : push hard (something like one’s own cause).

What is an example of soliciting?

Recruitment means to request or ask for something. An example of “request” is if you are requesting political donations.

What does do not solicit mean?

A “Advertising Prohibited” sign on a business says cold calls from salespeople are not welcome. There is never a shortage of people who want to sell you, your company or your employees. A cold call – just coming in without an invitation or an appointment – ​​is a classic way to get new business.

What does actively solicit mean?

Actively soliciting means first calling or otherwise engaging with an employee of the other party to persuade that employee to leave his or her current position, but this time limit shall not constitute improper contact with, interview or hiring of any employee who (a) has …

Is soliciting the same as selling?

Advertising is typically considered doorstep selling, which is different from someone leaving promotional material at the door. Delivery of advertising in person is cheaper than mailing it, but it’s still a common form of junk mail. Basically anyone who wants to sell something can use this tactic.

What does it mean to solicit orders?

to make a petition or request, such as for something requested. to solicit orders or trade, as for a business: No advertising is allowed in this building. offering to have sex with someone for money. LEARN MORE.

What is the noun of solicit?

Prompt. the act or instance of recruitment; Petition; Suggestion.

What is the purpose of solicitation?

Recruitment is a request for something, usually money. If you’re buying a fancy new home, expect a call from the local charity asking for a donation. Solicitation comes from solicit, which means “to request” or “to ask”. Solicitation is the act of asking.

What does no soliciting mean in a neighborhood?

A prohibition sign can be used to require – or require – that those attempting to sell or advertise do not disturb you, your home or business by asking for something in person.


Is solicitation a felony?

Advertising is a crime in progress seeking another person to engage in a criminal act. A defendant may be charged with incitement if he or she encourages or induces another person to commit an act that would amount to a criminal offense.



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