What Is the Opposite of Deluded?

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Antonyms & Near antonyms for blinded. correct correct.

What is the opposite word for delusion?

What is another word for deluded?

Some common synonyms for deception are beguile, deceive, and mislead. While all of these words mean “to mislead or, usually, to frustrate by deceit,” deception implies deceiving so thoroughly that the truth is obscured.

What does it mean to call someone deluded?

Definition of deluded

: deluded by false beliefs a deluded eccentric: deluded thinking with or characterized by delusional ideas.

Is lucid the opposite of delusional?

What does your delusional mean?

Definition of delusional

adjective. Have false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions: Senators who believe they will reach agreement on a comprehensive tax bill are delusional.

What’s the difference between delusional and deluded?

The participle adjective “deluded” means tricked or deceived. The adjective “delusional” means believing things despite undeniable evidence to the contrary. Although “delusional” is often used loosely, it can also mean suffering from delusions, a symptom of mental illness.

How do you use deluded in a sentence?

He would have been dismissed as a blinded fool if he had done that in early August. I think that fooled his mind. I was a blinded fool. But this wasn’t about her; in his deluded mind it was about him.

What is the past tense of delusion?

Delusions Definition

Being affected by delusions. He was fooled into thinking that she cared in the slightest. Adjective. Simple past tense and past participle of deception.

What is delusional thinking?

Delusions are defined as fixed, false beliefs that contradict reality. Despite evidence to the contrary, a person in a delusional state cannot let go of these beliefs. 1 Delusions are often reinforced by the misinterpretation of events. Many delusions also involve a degree of paranoia.

What makes a person delusional?

Delusions are common in several mental disorders and can be triggered by sleep disorders and extreme stress, but they can also occur with physical illnesses, including brain injuries or tumors, drug addiction and alcoholism, and somatic illness.

What is delusional girl?

“My words were spoken by a kind of ‘delusional girl’ that I often live in, a girl who vacillates between wisdom and ignorance (that’s my TV show too), and this didn’t translate it,” she said in her Instagram post.



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