What Is the Opposite of Budge?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 23, 2022

Move or move or shift the opposite of (something) to a new position. correct. pair. restore. stick together.

What are two antonyms budge?

What is the synonym for budge?

move, remove, move, reposition, remove, move, reposition, get started, get started. 3’they might be willing to give in’, change his mind, give in, give in, give in, acquiesce, compromise, conform, back down, turn around, eat his words.

What is a synonym for do not budge?

reject. verdeny; Say no. beg. get rid of decline.

What does not budge mean?

If something doesn’t move or you can’t move it, it doesn’t move: I tried to move the desk but it doesn’t move / I can’t move it.

How do you use budge in a sentence?

The door was stuck and we couldn’t even move it. Could you try opening this jar for me? I can’t move the lid. We tried to change her mind, but we couldn’t change her mind.

What part of speech is budge?

verb (used with object), budgeted, budging.

What does budge mean slang?

adj. Uncool, cheap, used, homemade, ghetto; Origin: household. I can’t believe his car is so agile.

What does refuse to budge an inch mean?

: to make even a slight change in his opinion or attitude I asked him to reconsider, but he wouldn’t budge/yield an inch.

What are the 100 examples of synonyms?

Did not Burge meaning?

refusing to change their mind or decision about something.

What clobbered means?

transitive verb 1 : hammer mercilessly also : hit a home run with force. 2a: defeat by an overwhelming majority. b : Have a strong negative impact on companies hit by the recession.

Is Burge a word?

No, Burge is not in the Scrabble dictionary.



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