What Is the Moon Easter Egg?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 10, 2022

Turn on the power on Moon. Play the computer color game located under the spawn room on Moon. Acquire the hacking device located in the lab rooms. Hack the four lighted green rectangular boxes with the hacking device and press the four buttons on the wall.

What are all the moon Easter egg steps?

Does Moon Easter egg end the game?

How many people are required for moon Easter egg?

Before you attempt to unlock what is probably the most elaborate Easter egg known to man on the zombie map, Moon, you must have met these requirements: You need 2-4 players. Cryogenic Slumber Party can be played solo, then at least 2 players are required to continue Easter Egg, one must be Richtofen.

How did richtofen get to the moon?

According to the Zombies storyline, “Richtofen eventually used himself as a test subject for teleportation, resulting in his being teleported to a catacomb in the moon where he came into contact with a mysterious pyramidal device unknown to him as the Aether Pyramid hidden by the Apothicons”.

Can you beat Moon zombies?

They usually send you somewhere near the launch of the moon base. If they hold you, you can still attack them. Once you kill them, they will explode and knock you back with a shockwave. The shockwave can kill nearby zombies.

Can you solo the Moon Easter egg?

Why did the cod zombies cast say goodbye?

COD Zombies announcer left

It all started after COD Mobile released an official statement stating that they were not satisfied with the desired quality. They had revealed this through a community update on Reddit published in February 2020.

Does Call of Duty Zombies ever end?

Like the image above. However, zombies spawn endlessly, causing the game to continue until you die or stop. However, multiplayer scoreboards don’t seem to be able to score above 99. To answer your question: Yes, zombies live forever, but the maps don’t.

What’s the highest round you can get to in zombies?

Since they started streaming their run on the new map, InsomniaVirus has invested over 105 hours in just 9 days and reached Round 716, putting them on track to Round 935 reach – this is the highest possible round.

What is the easiest COD Zombies game?

It feels almost impossible to get cornered over this, and laps feel like they’re going by without a challenge. Black Ops 4 is already the easiest Zombies mode in the series and one of the easiest Zombies maps ever.

What is the easiest zombies map in Cold War?

How do you obey the voices in Tranzit?

What is the Kino der Toten Easter egg?

Kino Der Toten remastered has a little easter egg to complete. The Easter Egg doesn’t require many steps to complete compared to some other maps like Origins. However, you won’t get all the benefits by completing it. The only reward you get is max ammo and a special song that plays.

Who made the MPD?

The Moon Pyramid Device (M.P.D.) or Ether Pyramid is a pyramidal device created by the then-corrupt Keepers. War broke out between the Keepers and the corrupt Keepers; Faced with defeat, the corrupted Guardians hide the Aether Pyramid on the moon. The corrupt keepers later became known as the Apothicons.

How many versions of Richtofen are there?

The cutscene at the end of Blood of the Dead shows us that there are two versions of Richtofen from different dimensions. The first Richtofen is our playable character. We call him Primis Richtofen. The second Richtofen wears the Red Cross uniform from Revelations.



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