What Is the Meaning of the Name Rachelle?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 6, 2022

Origin: Hebrew. Popularity:6105. Meaning:ewe, female sheep; Lamb. Rachelle is a feminine given name of Hebrew and French origin. A variation of “Rachel”, the name means “ewe”, a female sheep.

What country is the name Rachelle from?

The name “Rachelle” is of Hebrew origin. It’s a name often given to girls.

What dies the name Rachelle mean?

Rachelle is a French name meaning ‘lamb’. Often people assume it’s not because it looks and sounds a bit like Rachel, that it’s the same name and meaning. The name Rachel is the Hebrew word for female sheep or ewe, and although it is the root name for Rachelle, they have different meanings.

What does Leandra stand for?

Meaning:Lion Man. Leandra is a girl of Greek origin. It is the feminine form of Leander, meaning “lion man”. Leandra is a popular choice for girls, especially across Spain, Italy and Portugal.

What does Rachelle mean in the Bible?

Meaning:ewe, female sheep; Lamb. Rachelle is a feminine given name of Hebrew and French origin. A variation of “Rachel”, the name means “ewe”, a female sheep.

How do you pronounce Rachelle?

What is name Rachel in Arabic?

Rachel/Racha (Arabic) Rachel (Urdu)

What is the meaning of the name Ann?

Anne, also spelled Ann, is a form of the Latin feminine given name Anna. This in turn is a rendering of the Hebrew Hannah, meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’. Related names include Annie.

What is the meaning of the name Leanna?

Leanna is a feminine given name of Latin origin, meaning “light” or “graceful meadow”. This name may derive from the Gaelic form of the Greek Helen, meaning “light” or “bright”. means.” It is also thought to be a combination of the name Lee, meaning “of the clearing,” and Anna, meaning “grace” and “favor.” Leanna has…

What does Leandra mean in Hebrew?

The meaning of the name Leandra is lion man.

What does the name Leanne mean?

Meaning: twine around. Leanne as a girl name has English and French origins. The meaning of Leanne is “to wrap around”.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Rachel?

Meaning:Ewe or female sheep. In the Hebrew Bible, Rachel was the beloved, beautiful wife of Jacob – who met her while tending sheep, hence “ewe” is the meaning of the Hebrew name – and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin – who became the heads of two of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Is Rachel an Irish name?

Rachel is an Irish girl name and the meaning of this name is “Innocence of a Lamb, Sheep, Ewe”.

Is Rachel a German name?

Meaning and origin of: Rachel

German (mainly Bavarian): probably a topographical name from Middle High German rach ‘rough’, ‘steep’. German : from a pet form of a Slavic personal name (see Rach).

What’s the correct spelling of Rachel?

Popularity. Rachael is a spelling of Rachel that has been around since at least the 19th century. It puts a slight English twist on the old Hebrew Rachel. However, Rachel has always been the preferred spelling of this name.



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