What Is the Meaning of the Name Quinones?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 11, 2022

Spanish and Asturian-Leonese (Quiñones): Place name of one of the places called Quiñones in the provinces of Lleón and Murcia, so named after quiñón (Latin quinio ‘group of five’, genitive quinionis, a derivative of quinque ‘five’ ‘ ), denotes a piece of land divided among a group of five roommates for …

Is Quinones A Puerto Rican name?

The “fifth district” was the “quintus” district, derived from Latin, and a prominent family from this area became known as the “quinones”, with several variations emerging. Since then the name has emigrated to Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Greater Latin America and the United States.

Where do Quinones come from?

Quinones are ubiquitous biological pigments found in a range of living organisms (bacteria, fungi, higher plants and a few animals). They occur naturally in many forms such as benzoquinones, naphthoquinones, anthraquinones and polycyclic quinones.

How common is the last name Quinones?

In the United States, the name Chinones is the 1,211st most popular surname with an estimated 24,870 people with that name.

What does Quinonez mean in Spanish?

The Quinonez family originally lived on a piece of land shared by a group of roommates to sow, which was derived from the Spanish word quinon and finally the Latin word quinio, meaning a group of five< /b>.

Is Quinonez a Mexican name?

Hispanic (Quiñónez): Altered form of Spanish and Asturian-Leonese Quiñones (see Quinones).

What nationality is the name Quinonez?

This surname of QUINONEZ is a Spanish topographical name for someone who lived on a piece of land that was divided among a group of housemates for sowing. The name was derived from the Old Spanish word QUININ and rendered in medieval documents in the Latin form QUIMONIS (group of five) as a derivative of QUINQUE (five).

How do you pronounce the last name quinones?

What is the structure of quinone?

Quinones consist of a benzene nucleus on which two hydrogen atoms have been replaced by two oxygen atoms, forming two carbonyl bonds.

What is the role of quinones?

Quinones are small electron transfer molecules found in virtually all cells that undergo aerobic metabolism and play an important role in oxidative stress. Quinones play a diverse role in medicine, including anti-cancer agents and anti-aging and atherosclerosis.

Why are quinones toxic?

From a toxicological point of view, quinones have two main chemical properties that give them their reactivity in biological systems. Quinones are oxidizing agents and electrophiles, and the relative contribution of these properties to the toxicity of quinones is influenced by chemical structure, particularly by substituent effects.

How do quinones work?

The quinones are a class of organic compounds formally “derived from aromatic compounds [such as benzene or naphthalene] by conversion of an even number of -CH= groups to -C(=O)- groups each necessary rearrangement of double bonds, resulting in “a fully conjugated cyclic dione structure”.

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