What Is the Meaning of Su Che?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 23, 2022

noun. Journey or effort in pursuit of a goal.

What does Su Che mean in Gujarati?

“su” means what, “kam” means work/business/purpose. “che” is an ordinary singular present verb meaning is / does. This can also mean “What do you want?” ajsanghvi.

What does Saru che mean?

It means are you fine/ok/alright? and you can reply the same word in response form.. saru chhe.

What does SU VAAT Che meaning?

Su vaat che (a way of praise in Gujrati language) swipe left to see all the pictures⬅ So when I checked in @renaissanceahmedabadhotel yesterday morning before going to my room , I went to her restaurant for breakfast.

What should I reply after Majama?

“Majama” would be the most common answer, as everyone suggested. You can also try “anand che” which means you are in bliss/happiness. Or “saru chu” meaning you are good. Hope it helps.

What is Kem Cho in English?

English translation:How are you? Explanation: “Kem Chhe” in Gujarati means “How are you?”

What is Majama?

“Maja” = fun and “Majama” literally means enjoy or have fun. So “Majama” is used as an expression to express “I’m fine/fine” or “I’m fine/fine”, meaning to be happy and enjoy…

How do you greet in Gujarati?

Kem chho” literally means “how are you” in Gujarati, but is commonly used to greet or greet people the way we say “what’s up” in English. Likewise, “Kem chhe” is an informal way to greet your friends.

What is your name Gujarati?

What is your name : What is your name

How do you say where are you in Gujarati?

Why are you so mean meaning in Gujarati?

You are very beautiful and beautiful

How reply How are you?



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