What Is the Meaning of Shrunk Shank?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 1, 2022

shrunken shanks = ‘shrink’ means get smaller, and a ‘shank’ is a piece of flesh cut from an animal leg – so the man’s legs have become narrower with age.

What does a world too wide for his shrunk shank meaning?

He doesn’t look physically or mentally appealing. He is shrinking in stature and personality. He becomes thin, wears glasses, and the skin around him sags. His clothes don’t fit him and cling to his body while his once masculine voice turns into a child’s.

What is bubble reputation?

“Reputation Bubble” means a reputation that is very temporary and bursts like a bubble. “In search of the call of the bubble. Even in the mouth of the cannon.” These lines speak of the stage in man when honor and pride are more important to a man than his own life.

What is the 7 stages of life?

The seven stages of life according to Shakespeare include childhood, schoolboy, teenager, young man, middle age, old age and death.

What does it mean to shank someone?

Slang. cut or stab (someone) with a shaft; pushes. Slang. undermine or discredit (someone) in an underhand way, such as innuendo, rumor, accusation or the like. LEARN MORE.

What is the meaning of cannon’s mouth *?

Also in the cannon’s mouth = a ‘cannon’ was a big cannon, and its ‘mouth’ was in front – so the man seeks his reputation even if it means standing in front of cannons, i.e. in go to war or become involved in combat. Justice = here, a judge or magistrate – that is, someone of great standing.

What does bearded like a pard mean?

Back. As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7, Line 150. Bearded like the Pard: —”Pard” was a name for any big cat that wasn’t a lion. And the vast majority of people in Shakespeare’s day would only have known what one looked like from pictures like the one below.

What is cannon mouth?

The Cannon’s Mouth is the quarterly journal of the Cannon Poets. The aim is to stimulate interest and encourage participation by members and the wider community in the writing of poetry and its presentation to the public. Publisher: Greg Cox.

Which phase of life is best?

They say that childhood is the best part of our lives, but not for everyone. But over time we learn how to live with every void in life.

What is the first stage of man’s life?

The first stage in a man’s life is that of an infant. He is helpless at this stage and continues to meow and cry for attention from others. He cannot do anything on his own and is dependent on others. This is followed by the second stage.

What stage of a man’s life that he enjoys prosperity?

Answers: (a) Here Shakespeare describes the fifth stage of life, that is, a righteousness. (b) In this stage man enjoys prosperity, self-satisfaction and wisdom.

What is another word for shank?

On this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for shank, such as: leg, limb, shank, foreleg, crus, meat, shin, shank, cannon, waist and dowel.



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