What Is the Meaning of Molla in Korean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 1, 2022

MOLLA (몰라) means “I don’t know“. This is informal, so use this version with friends and people younger than you. When speaking to the elders, always remember to add a “yo” at the end of “molla”. Mollayo.

What is Nan Molla in Korean?

“Nan molla” means “I don’t know“, but it’s also used when you’re surprised by something and want to avoid it. Ex: Oh my god, I don’t know!

What does Bulla mean in Korean?

This means “I don’t know“. It usually means that way, but since Korean doesn’t care about grammatical persons and numbers, it sometimes means something else.

What is Chincha Korean?

Chincha is a typical Korean expression that translates as really, surprise. Funny face with cool Korean Hangul lettering saying Chincha.

What is Arasso?

“Araso” in Korean

The word “araso” can also be used to indicate that you understand what the other person is saying. It’s written as 알았어 in Korean, so it’s also often romanized as “arasseo.” This is an informal way of saying “okay” or “I know” in Korean.

What is Chukahamnida?

The word 축하합니다 (chukahamnida) in 생일 축하합니다 (saengil chukahamnida) means “to congratulate“. You can say this word alone when you want to congratulate someone on something. If you just want to learn one way to say “happy birthday” in Korean, learn these phrases.

What is the meaning of Ottoke?

Ottoke?! This phrase means “What should I do now?!” This is usually used when you are in a difficult situation. For example: I forgot where I put my alien registration card.

What is the meaning of Boya in Korean?

Hangul : 뭐야(you don’t know that word, right?) 뭐야? does what is this? See translation.

What is the meaning of Jebal?

What does “Jebal” mean? Another word that means “please” in Korean is 제발 (je-bal). It is used when asking or asking for something or making a strong request.



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