What Is the Meaning of Facr?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 5, 2022

What is the full meaning of face?

FACE. Death assessment and control analysis.

What’s with that face meaning?

They ask what’s going on, why do you feel this way? Show translation.

Has a face meaning?

Acknowledge and accept or deal with: had to face the facts; must be willing to face our problems. See synonyms at defy.

What do the letters face mean?

FACE. Ask, comment and engage focus.

What type of word is face?

Face refers to the front of the head, from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin. Face also refers to an expression someone makes with their face. Face is also used as a verb to confront something directly. Face has a wide range of meanings other than noun and verb.

What is in a face?

The bones involved in the formation of the face are mainly the upper jaw, lower jaw, nasal bone and cheekbone. Also important are various soft tissues such as fat, hair, and skin (which may vary in color).

Had to face meaning?

Have the will to do something bold, rude, or outrageous; have the courage to do something. Wow, I can’t believe this intern had the brass face to ask for a raise on her first day!

How do you use the word face?

What does new face mean?

new face in British English

(njuː feɪs ) noun. a newcomer, someone who recently joined an organization, someone you’ve never met.

What does it mean to get face?

To gain prestige or respect. His brilliant performance in the debate caused him to face the voters. See also: face, get.



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