What Is the Meaning of Beaux?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 2, 2022

Whats beaux mean?

Nice. / (bəʊ)/ noun plural beaux (bəʊ, bəʊz) or beaus (bəʊz) a lover, darling, or companion of a girl or woman. a man who takes great care of his dress and appearance; great.

Is a beau a boyfriend?

A beau is an old-fashioned term for “friend”. When your great-grandmother was young, she likely had a beau. Beau means “pretty” in French.

What is the difference between beau and beaux?

“beau” is pronounced the same as “beaux” (the final “x” is silent). ‘bel’ is pronounced the same as ‘belle’ and ‘belles’ (the last ‘s’ in the last one is silent).

What does beaux mean in French?

friend; Fellow; Swan; young man; Man; grown man; lovers.

How do you pronounce the name beaux?

How do you use beaux in a sentence?

Use “beaux” in a sentence | “beaux” sentence examples. (1) I was very shy, but his mischievous grin calmed me down and we strolled after Sally and her boyfriend. (2) Maybe Beau was having a day off? (3) Beau: Battledress is now all the rage in traffic police.

What’s the opposite of beau?

The opposite of a friend or male admirer. enemy. girlfriend. hate. Mistress.

Can you use beau for a girl?

It comes from French and is the female version of beau. Beau is French and literally means handsome or beautiful in the masculine form. However, the word is used in English to describe a woman’s male companion, such as a friend or admirer.

Can beau mean girlfriend?

beaus, beaux (bōz). 1. a girl or woman’s darling. 2.

How do you spell beau for a girl?

What is a beautiful French word?

belle (feminine adjective) – beautiful. charming (feminine adjective) – charming or lovely. éblouissante (feminine adjective) – dazzling. étonnante (feminine adjective) – amazing. étourdissante (feminine adjective) – stunning.

Is beau male or female?

The name Beau is primarily a male given name of French origin, meaning beautiful.

What does beau mean in Latin?

Etymology. Borrowed from French beau, from Latin bellus (“beautiful“).

Can you spell beaux?

a plural form of beau.

What nationality is the name beau?

Beau is a gender-neutral name of French origin. Traditionally used as a nickname, Beau has grown in popularity as a given name in its own right over the past 50 years. Beau means “beautiful” and is reminiscent of a daringly handsome gentleman or a well-groomed southern belle.

How popular is the name Beaux?

How common is the name Beaux for a baby born in 2021? Beaux was the 1018. most popular boy’s name and the 5719th most popular girl’s name. In 2021 there were 213 little boys and only 21 little girls named Beaux. 1 in 8,735 boys and 1 in 84,737 girls born in 2021 will be named Beaux.

How do you say BOUX?

Boux is pronounced Boo…” / Twitter.

How is BAE pronounced?

What is the plural of beau?

Beau /ˈboʊ/ noun. Plural beaux /ˈboʊz/ or beaus. Nice.



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