What Is the Max Level in Bo2?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 21, 2022

After completing level 55 (max level) on Prestige 10 in Black Ops II, you will unlock a new Prestige tier called Prestige Master.

How many levels are in bo2?

Call of Duty: Black Ops II has 55 levels and 10 prestige. Players receive an unlock token for each level and have 4 once they reach level 4, which also unlocks Create-a-Class.

What level is prestige in bo2?

Prestige Mode is another feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is unlocked when the player reaches the max rank of 55, with 10 levels total.

How level up fast in bo2?

How many endings does Black Ops 2 have?

Two possible endings can occur: if Weasel is killed, the cycle repeats once more; If Weasel lives and the other three are killed, the cycle will be broken and he will finally be released from his sentence. The last ending is canonical.

Should I shoot Menendez or Harper?

Menendez gives the player a Five-Seven pistol and tells the player to kill him. The player can either kill Harper or shoot Menendez. If the player shoots Menendez, he dodges his attack and kills Farid with an Executioner revolver, but Harper is spared.

What is the last mission of bo2?

Judgement Day” is the 11th and final campaign mission for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This mission has players like David Mason, the International Special Forces from countries around the world in a massive led an attack on a Mercs Haitian facility they believe controls the US drone fleet.

What’s the highest round on zombies bo2?

Since they started streaming their run on the new map, InsomniaVirus has invested over 105 hours in just 9 days and reached Round 716, putting them on track to Round 935 reach – this is the highest possible round.

What is the master prestige in bo2?

How do you get max prestige in Black Ops 2?

How do you rank up in zombies bo2?

How do you level up in bo2 zombies?

So, how to level up: Make it to round 30 alone or with friends with 0 (or 1) dismounts. Try not to avoid buying a quick revive single-handedly at all. Repeat through round 30 with 0 downs for 5 games in a row and I’m absolutely certain you’ll move up.

Can you save Farid and Harper?

The choice might seem inconsequential at first – well, except for Harper – but it actually has a ripple effect that can drastically change the ending of the game. If you choose to let Harper live, Farid will die and therefore he will not be present on the USS Obama when Menendez attacks her.

How old is Alex Mason in bo2?

He is now 93 at this point and will surprise Woods with a visit. By this time, Mason is also reunited with his son, whom he hasn’t seen in about 40 years. While it’s not known what Mason was doing during that time span, it’s good to see him alive and well.

Who was the mole in bo2?

Jason Hudson, CIA.

Did Hudson betray Woods?

Hudson betrayed them to save himself. He had children. Menendez would have let him live and just killed Woods, but Hudson couldn’t accept the guilt.

What happens if DeFalco lives?

If he survives the events of “Karma”, DeFalco will reappear in “Achilles’ Veil” where he will greet Menendez and stand with him and Farid as they attend to Cordis’ The Followers turn. p>

What is the best ending in bo2?

In the Judgment Day mission, JSOC is able to track down the source of drone hacking. The section directs JSOC forces to arrest or kill Menendez. To get the best ending, all you have to do is capture Menendez, NOT kill him.

How do you keep karma alive?

Just run past everything and only shoot something if you have to. I recommend using a sniper rifle as one of your weapons as Defalco is pretty far away once you get a chance to shoot him.



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