What Is the Ethnocentric Curriculum?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 23, 2022

An ethnocentric curriculum is one that reflects a narrow belief based on the supremacy of a dominant ethnic group or culture. In the UK we can observe an ethnocentric curriculum centered around a white British culture.

What is an example of ethnocentric curriculum?

There are numerous places we could investigate if schools are racist, for example: The curriculum could be ethnocentric – the way some subjects are taught or the way the school year is taught and the holidays are organised, making children from some ethnic backgrounds not feel included..

What is the ethnocentric curriculum sociology?

This doctrine of Western white history is what sociologists call the “ethnocentric curriculum.” This means that the curriculum largely teaches about white European history experiences, omitting all other ethnic groups.

Who talks about the ethnocentric curriculum?

The term “ethnocentric” describes an attitude or policy that prioritizes the culture and viewpoint of a particular ethnic group while ignoring others. Troyna and Williams (1986) describe the curriculum in British schools as ethnocentric because it prioritizes white culture and the English language.

How does ethnocentric curriculum affect students?

Many sociologists regard the ethnocentric curriculum as a prime example of institutional racism because it incorporates a commonplace racial bias into the day-to-day work of schools and colleges. One way the ethnocentric curriculum can work is through language and literature.

What is the meaning of the term ethnocentric?

Definition of ethnocentric

: characterized by or based on the attitude that one’s own group is superior.

Why is education ethnocentric?

Ethnocentrism in education occurs when the curriculum, teaching methods, and educational strategies present a nation’s history and knowledge base from a monocultural Western European perspective that ignores the presence and/or contributions of other groups in society.

Is the UK curriculum ethnocentric?

This is supported by Troyna and Williams (1986) who argue that in British schools the curriculum is ethnocentric because it “prioritises white culture and the English language”.

What is a multicultural curriculum?

Multicultural education aims to prepare students for citizenship in a democratic society by learning to take into account the needs of all individuals. It illustrates how issues such as race, ethnicity, culture, language, religion, gender and ability/disability are intertwined with educational processes and content.

What is a Eurocentric curriculum?

A Eurocentric education can be defined as a curriculum that focuses on Eurocentric or Western ideas and ignores the history and contributions made by ethnic minorities in predominantly white countries. Eurocentrism is shown by icing on information presented to children.

What is ethnocentric view?

Ethnocentrism is a term applied to the cultural or ethnic bias—whether conscious or unconscious—by which an individual views the world from his own group’s perspective, establishes his own group as archetypal, and judges all other groups by that relation to this ideal.

Is ethnocentrism still happening in the present time?

While many people recognize ethnocentricity as problematic, they may not be aware that it occurs everywhere, both locally and politically. Sure, it’s easy to point fingers at colonial men and women who oppressed slaves, but ethnocentrism still exists.

Is ethnocentrism a sociological concept?

“Ethnocentrism is a nearly universal syndrome of attitudes and behaviors that typically involves ingroup preference” (Hammond and Axelrod 2006:926). “Ethnocentrism is one of the distinctive concepts of sociology. Understanding this concept is an important step in acquiring a sociological perspective.

What is the Swann report sociology?

✘ The Swann Report (1985) suggests that genetic influences on achievement within minority ethnic groups are overstated. When social and economic factors are taken into account, there were no significant differences in IQ across ethnic groups.

What is the feminisation of education?

The feminization of teaching

This means that girls increasingly have positive role models, while boys may not identify with female teachers. Some sociologists have suggested that one possible explanation for these gender performance gaps is the ‘feminization of education’.

What is the role of multicultural education?

Multicultural education values ​​diverse student cultures and prepares students to thrive in a diverse world. At its core, multicultural education promotes equity, equity and justice, and establishes the reality of philosophical ideals in classroom settings.



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