What Is the Electron Geometry of Ash3?

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Molecular geometry notation for the AsH3 molecule:
Name of the molecule arsine or arsenic trihydride
Chemical molecular formula AsH3
Molecular geometry of AsH3 tetrahedron
Electron geometry of AsH3 tetrahedron
Hybridization of AsH3 sp3
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Why is AsH3 trigonal pyramidal?

In AsH3, in addition to 3 polar bonds, there is a lone pair of electrons that distorts the geometry. The dipole moment vectors do not cancel in the resulting trigonal pyramid shape.

What is the the molecular shape around Arsenic in AsH3?

As a result, arsenic follows the octet rule and has eight electrons surrounding it at the three ends of the tetrahedral geometry of the AsH3 molecule.

What is the molecular geometry shape of AsH3 group of answer choices trigonal pyramidal T shaped trigonal planar tetrahedral?

1 answer. The answer is B) trigonal pyramid.



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