What Is the Difference Between So Kate and Pigalle?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 22, 2022

The main difference between the Pigalle Follies and the So Kate is the toe box. So Kate’s toe box is much longer. You would have a lot more toe split wearing the Pigalle Follies compared to the So Kate. The Original Pigalle Toe Box (not pictured) is also smaller than the So Kate Toe Box.

Are So Kate or Pigalle more comfortable?

Pigalle has a smaller toe box, thicker heels and a less dramatic arch. I own both and find my (old model) Pigalle more comfortable, but that’s probably because it’s a lot more worn than my So Kate. The So Kate is really nice on the feet but as the arch is steeper it might be a little less comfortable.

What is the difference between Louboutin Kate and Pigalle?

The biggest difference between the two shoes is the heel. Both heels are 5 inches high (120mm), but the So Kate has a noticeably thinner heel than the Pigalle. The “slope” of the shoe (basically a measure of steepness) is also larger on the So Kate.

What is the difference between Kate and So Kate?

What’s the difference between Pigalle and Pigalle Follies?

The main differences between Pigalle and Pigalle Follie are the much narrower, tapered heel, the slightly narrower and more pointed toe, and the lower-cut toe box so you get a bit more “split toe“. p>

How do you walk in so Kates?

Why are they called So Kate?

The So Kate is named after English model Kate Moss, who is a fan of the Louboutin brand.

Which Louboutin shoes are the most comfortable?

Iriza. The Iriza is Louboutin’s timeless take on a classic half d’Orsay heel. If you buy a Louboutin heel without a platform, this is the best choice for comfort.

Is Louboutin Pigalle comfortable?

Are so Kates comfortable?

Of all the shoes in the Christian Louboutin family, the So Kate is by far the sexiest. They are also the most uncomfortable. I would say they are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever put in.

How high is the So Kate heel?

The So Kate is only available in a heel height of 120 mm. So if you’re up for a challenge, this is the shoe for you.

Is Louboutin Kate comfortable?

The pumps are also available in classic shades such as nude and black. In terms of size, the Kate pumps are true to size. There was no “breaking-in” period for either couple. Although these are Christian Louboutin heels, they are quite comfortable (and much more comfortable than Pigalle pumps).

Should you size down in Louboutin?

In general, Christian Louboutin shoes run half a size smaller than most FR shoes.

Should I size up in Pigalle?

A tip for Pigalle might be to choose half a size larger so that the foot can move more in the shoe and is not completely constricted. If they don’t slip off your feet when you zoom in, that’s even better!

How do Louboutin Pigalles fit?

What are the highest Louboutin heels?

Christian Louboutin, the French shoe designer, was in town and about 200 of his loyal customers had come to pay his respects – most of them in the designer’s skyscraper stilettos, which not only top $3,000, but outstanding heels also have 160 millimeters or just over 6 inches.



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