What Is the Difference Between Pandora Clips and Spacers?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 16, 2022

Clips are available in a variety of styles and finishes. We recommend that any Pandora bracelet with a “notch” have at least two clips, one for each. Spacers are smaller, thin tags that can be used to fill the gaps between two different sized tags, but are entirely optional.

What are Pandora clips used for?

Pandora clips are an elegant addition that will snap onto your charm bracelets. These accent pieces are used to divide your charms into sections and to balance your bracelet to prevent stretching.

What are Pandora spacers?

Smaller but not without style, PANDORA spacers are used to fill in small gaps or to highlight other charms. You can add two spacers next to your favorite tag to frame and make it stand out. Most spacers are not threaded like charms and are free to move around your bracelet or necklace.

How do you use spacer clips on Pandora?

Are Pandora clips necessary?

Clips are important for several reasons. They help you store your charms in separate sections. When assembling a bracelet, you should aim for an even distribution of charms in each section. If you only hang all your charms in one section, that part of the bracelet will be subjected to more stress.

Do Pandora spacers stop charms moving?

Firstly, they come in a huge range of beautiful designs, which means they can add an extra touch of fun or style to your jewelery just like any other Pandora charm. However, Pandora clips differ from traditional charms in that they don’t actually move around your bracelet: they attach in one place.

Do Pandora clips fit all bracelets?

Pandora Moments charms attach to the bracelet by screwing or threading, while Pandora Reflection charms snap on. Pandora Me has a range of mini charms while Pandora Essence has pearl charms. Due to the different styles of Pandora bracelets, not all Pandora charms will fit all bracelets.

How many charms should you put on a Pandora bracelet?

You can typically add 17 to 22 charms depending on the size of the charms you choose, your bracelet length and the desired fit of your PANDORA bracelet. This count includes two clips and any spacers you choose. If you also choose a safety chain, it will take the place of two charms.

Why are Pandora bracelets so expensive?

Rare diamonds in particular can add a lot of value to a piece of jewellery. If Pandora has a limited number of charms with high-quality diamonds, then you can expect a pretty high price. Pandora is expensive because it uses diamonds in some of its jewelry.

Are Pandora safety chains worth it?

Security chains are a recommended addition to your Pandora bracelet. With a security chain attached to your bracelet, the two ends of the bracelet are held closer together. This makes it easier to put on and take off your bracelet and in the unlikely event that your clasp opens unexpectedly.

How do I stop my Pandora bracelet from falling off?

How do you keep Pandora charms from flipping?

How loose should a Pandora bracelet be?

You should be able to put about two fingers between the bracelet chain and your wrist. If you don’t feel confident doing it right, you can always go to the store and ask an assistant to measure it for you! Easy.

Do Pandora Bangles need clips?

Unlike the regular Pandora bracelet, it only has threads on the clasp – meaning you’re still screwing and unscrewing the charms. As a result, however, you cannot use Pandora clips on the bangle; They just slide around unless you use silicone stoppers under the clips.

Which way should Pandora charms face?

The head is near my hand and the tail is at my fingertip as that was the way it was worn. JA charm bracelets always face outwards unless they have double rows.

How do I keep my Pandora bracelet safe?

Do I need spacers for my Pandora bracelet?

We recommend that any Pandora bracelet with a “notch” have at least two clips, one for each. Spacers are smaller, thin tags that can be used to fill the gaps between two different sized tags, but are completely optional.

How do I delete Pandora spacers?

How does Pandora clasp work?

Pandora beads do not hang at the bottom of your wrist.

Pandora bracelets have a unique feature that separates the beads into three sections. There are two beads that do not move; They will clip and stay in place leaving the beads on either side. These special beads are called clips.

Can I sell my Pandora bracelet back to Pandora?

PANDORA stores are happy to exchange any item purchased in any PANDORA store. Valid proof of purchase must be provided within 30 days of purchase and items must be in new condition. Exchange items without a receipt may be exchanged at the current price at our discretion.



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