What Is the Difference Between Jimmies and Sprinkles?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 21, 2022

The only difference you can tell between Jimmies and Sprinkles is regarding their name. 2. A person in Boston, Philadelphia and some parts of New England calls these candies Jimmies. But these tiny sugar candies are called sprinkles in New York and other parts of the world.

Are sprinkles the same as jimmies?

In the Northeastern United States Sprinkles are often referred to as Jimmys. “Jimmies” in this sense are typically used as an ice cream topping while sprinkles are used to decorate baked goods, but the term can be used for both.

Why do they call sprinkles jimmies?

Sprinkles, the name “Jimmies” was not inspired by Just Born at all, but was actually a name given to the sugary confections after Dr. Sidney Farber, an uncle of Edward Brigham founded a charity called The Jimmy Fund after one of his patients, which still exists today.

Do New Yorkers call sprinkles jimmies?

Jimmies aren’t just a Philadelphia thing, though. Pittsburgh and Boston have their own Jimmy debates, while New York remains firmly Team Sprinkles. Jimmies is used – non-contiguously – throughout the Northeast and Midwest.

Where are sprinkles called jimmies?

Although the term streusel seems to be more commonly used, locality comes into play with this ice cream topping. According to WHYY publication Billy Penn of Philadelphia, the term “Jimmies” is commonly used in Pittsburgh and Boston and parts of the Midwest, although Sprinkles is more commonly heard in New York.

Are rainbow sprinkles jimmies?

According to many people in the Northeast, rainbow sprinkles are sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles are imitations. But they don’t taste the same. Both are made with powdered sugar, but the chocolate sprinkles have a chocolate flavor while the rainbow sprinkles only taste like sugar.

Why do they call it a nonpareil?

The word ‘nonpareils’ derives from the French word meaning ‘not to have’ and the confectionery has its origins in sugar-coated seeds and nuts known as ‘comfits’. Nonpareils are commonly available in supermarkets and grocery stores, although they were commercially available as early as the 1840s.

Where does the term jimmies come from?

Etymology experts claim that the name “Jimmies” derives from the Jim Crow Acts passed after the American Civil War. Those were the laws that divided the South and pretty much curbed racial harmony in that country for over a century.

Are jimmies condoms?


(US, Slang) Ein Kondom.

What are round sprinkles called?

Round sprinkles:

These can be more accurately described as Nonpareilles. These are those tiny little round balls that can come in a single color or in rainbow colors.

What are sprinkles called in Canada?

Nonpareilles are a decorative confection made of small balls of sugar and starch, traditionally an opaque white but now available in many colors. Their origin is uncertain but they may have evolved from the pharmaceutical use of sugar as they were a miniature version of confectionery.

What are sprinkles called in New Jersey?

Jimmie’s. You could just call them sprinkles, but in South Jersey we know that the sweet bits of candy you use to top your ice cream cone are called jimmies.

What are sprinkles called in New York?

Tip: If you’re from New York, you might name these sprinkles. If you’re from New England, you might call these Jimmys. If you’re from the south, you might insist Jimmy can only be chocolate.

What are rainbow sprinkles called?

In the US they were called “Jimmies” and used as a cake topping. Even then there were disputes over the true ownership of the creation, with a Pennsylvania candy factory claiming to be the true inventor of the rainbow cylinder.

Are rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles the same?

Chocolate sprinkles are mostly sugar and cornstarch, with some fat to soften the texture and some cocoa powder to add flavor and color. They taste a little like chocolate, but really don’t have much flavor of their own. The rainbow sprinkles have no added flavor.

What are jimmies made of?

Sprinkles are made with corn syrup, sugar, cornstarch, wax, and artificial flavors and colors. This mixture is formed into long, noodle-like strands, broken into small pieces, and sprinkled with food coloring and an icing.

What are jimmies in baking?

Jimmies. These are the small stick-shaped sprinkles you probably see most, usually rainbow colored or dark chocolate, and are best used in baking. They stand up to being stirred into the batter without leaking, and the end result doesn’t melt.

What is a Jimmie?

: tiny stick-shaped pieces of chocolate-flavored candy, often sprinkled on top of ice cream.

What are the best sprinkles?

What are the chocolate candy with white dots?

Nonpareils are dark chocolate slices sprinkled with small, white candy balls. The name actually refers to the small candy balls and comes from the French word for “unparalleled”. We think putting them on dark chocolate is an excellent “delivery system”. Sno Caps are a smaller version.



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