What Is the Difference Between 209 and 209a Primers?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 3, 2022

What are federal 209A primers used for?

209A Shotshell Fuzes are non-corrosive, all-weather shotgun shell fuses that provide fast, reliable ignition in any firing situation. These primers deliver higher velocities plus increased accuracy. The 209 primers are perfect for trap shooting or use with your favorite muzzleloader.

Can you use federal 209A primers in a muzzleloader?

Although they share the same external dimensions as a typical 209 shotgun shell fuze, Winchester 209 muzzleloading fuzes are specifically designed for use in a muzzleloader.

Can you use any 209 primers for muzzleloaders?

We do NOT recommend any of the 209 primers designed for muzzleloaders (Winchester Triple 7, CCI MZL, Federal Fusion or Remington Kleanbore).

Can you use 209 primers for reloading?

Can I use 209A primers in my CVA Wolf?

And yes, the special plug can be used in CVA Wolf, Optima and Accura. Note: Since the Federal 209A primers are the hottest burning primers, you can use them with the standard breech plug that comes with the CVAs and still use the BH209 powder without purchasing the “Special Plug”. must.

Are CCI 209 primers good?

The CCI 209M (Natchez item CC0009) is a true magnum ignition intended for large charges of slow burning propellants. As a result, the 209M is an excellent choice for waterfowl loads. Both use modern, non-corrosive, mercury-free primers for clean and safe ignition.

What is a w209 primer?

Features and Benefits of W209 Shotshell Primers

Maintain stability in extreme temperatures and humidity. Non-caustic and non-mercury. Offers great sensitivity to positive firing.

What primer does CVA recommend?

Your CVA rifle uses a 209 shotgun igniter to ignite the powder charge. It’s fully magnum capable. This means you can use the “Magnum” load of 150 grain equivalent of pelleted black powder substitute.

Why are all primers out of stock?

A Massive Increase in Demand

A mix of the Covid-19 pandemic, civil unrest and the possibility of an anti-2nd Amendment President and Senate has demand skyrocket .

Can you use a 209 primer in a CVA Paramount?

The CVA Paramount Breech Plug is specifically designed for use with 209 shotshell primers. Nothing affects the performance of your muzzleloader more than a clean shut-off plug for consistent firing and better overall accuracy.

Can you use 209 primers in rifles?

What primer does a 12 gauge shotgun use?

Boxer Primer Sizes

.175 inch or 4.45mm: Small diameter primers for pistols or small rifles such as . 38 special and . 223 Remton. .209″ or 5.31mm: Shotgun shells and muzzle-loading primers such as 12-gauge and 20-gauge shotgun ammo.

What are Cheddite primers?

Clerinox, the Cheddite primer, ensures regular ignition of all types of powder, from the most inert to the most progressive. Thanks to its power, Clerinox allows the use of small doses of powder and provides ideal ballistic results. The explosive mixture does not contain any mercury-based compounds.



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