What Is the Definition of the Word Unwieldy?

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What does it mean to be unwieldy?

Definition of cumbersome

: not easy to handle, handle, or use (e.g., due to bulk, weight, complexity, or clumsiness) : cumbersome. Other words from unwieldy synonyms & Antonyms The difference between Wieldy and Unwieldy Example sentences Learn more about Unwieldy.

What can be unwieldy?

A cumbersome object is difficult to move or handle because it is heavy, large, or has an odd shape: a piano is a very cumbersome object to get down a flight of stairs.

How do you use unwieldy in a sentence?

They came panting to his door with their unwieldy luggage. When you call a system unwieldy, you mean that it doesn’t work very well because it’s too big or poorly organized. His company has to deal with cumbersome Russian bureaucracy.

What is the root word of unwieldy?

unhandy (adj.)

late 14th c., “powerless, powerless”, from un- (1) “not” + obsolet wieldy, from Old English wielde “active, vigorous, ” from Ur-Germanic *walth- “to have power” (see wield (v.)).

What does unwieldy inheritance mean?

Definition. Difficult to carry due to its size, shape or weight. Ex. 1: “It was in the echo of this terrified woman’s footsteps that I first realized the unwieldy legacy I had inherited – the ability to transform public space in ugly ways” (1).

What does unwieldy mean in Romeo and Juliet?

unwieldy. lack of grace in movement or posture.

What is the synonyms of a unwieldy?

On this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for unwieldy, like: awkward, heavy, burdensome, bulky, clumsy, awkward, cumbersome, cumbersome, elephant, intricate and clumsy.

Is it unwieldy or unwieldly?

Unwieldy, unwieldy

The adjective unwieldy means too large or complicated to work well, or not easily handled or moved due to its size. Unwieldy is not an English word. False: The hospital as we know it is too expensive, too cumbersome and too inflexible to survive.

What is a synonym for the word unwieldy?

Awkward, awkward, awkward, unmaneuverable. awkward, difficult, clumsy, awkward. massive, heavy, powerful, bulky, weighty, ponderous.

Is unwieldy an adverb?

Adjektiv, un·wield·i·er, un·wield·i·est.

How do you use transient in a sentence?

What part of speech is perceive?

Verb (used with object), perceived, perceived. to perceive, know or identify with the senses: I have perceived an object emerging through the fog.

What’s the meaning of unmanageable?

Definition of uncontrollable

: uncontrollable : difficult or impossible to control or control uncontrollable hair an almost uncontrollable amount of data The prisoner became uncontrollable. an unmanageable temperament an unmanageable number of students for a teacher an unmanageable amount of debt.

Which word contains the Latin root meaning push or drive?

-pulse-, root. -pulse- comes from Latin and has the meaning “to push;” to drive”. p>



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