What Is the Decepticon Ship Called?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 29, 2022

The flagship of the Decepticon fleet, the Nemesis is a legendary Decepticon warship best known for being the Decepticon ship that ambushed and eventually shot down the Ark.

What is the name of Megatron’s ship?

The Nemesis was the Decepticons’ mobile base and warship. It moves everywhere, Megatron desires anywhere on Earth, including the vast expanse of space.

Is there a Transformer that turns into a ship?

In the novel Transformers: Exodus Trypticon is instructed by Megatron to transform into a Nemesis-class battleship in pursuit of the Ark. The Nemesis is seen as the Decepticons’ warship in Transformers: Prime.

What is the Autobot ship called?

The Ark is the name of the Autobot starship that originally transported the Autobot and Decepticon armies to Earth in many universes. The Ark is a Vanguard-class deep space interceptor.

Is Metroplex a Decepticon?

Metroplex is an Autobot Titan from the Generation 1 continuity family. We built this city on rock ‘n’ roll! Metroplex’s poor, slow, and infrequent efforts to aid his brave comrades and advance the Autobot cause are never enough. Sure, it’s the Autobots’ ultimate weapon, their greatest and last defense.

Who is Megatron’s Master?


The Fallen, formerly known as Megatronus Prime, was the founder and true leader of the Decepticons and the master of Megatron, who served as the overarching antagonist of the Transformers franchise.

Is Trypticon a Titan?

Trypticon is a Decepticon Titan from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Is Jetfire a Decepticon?

Jetfire appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and transforms into a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. He is portrayed as a former Decepticon who becomes an Autobot because he didn’t believe in all the destruction and violence the Decepticons were devoted to.

Is Jetfire bigger than Optimus Prime?

Eh, (assuming we’re talking about the show) The show didn’t match the size of the characters very much. He was definitely taller than Optimus.

Is Jetfire a prime?

Mega Power Bots Jetpower Optimus Prime represents the Autobot leader in his combined form with Jetfire. Designed for younger children, he is a large, bulky, non-morphing figure with limited posability.

Is Optimus Prime a Decepticon?

In almost every version of the myth, Optimus is the leader of the Autobots, a faction of Transformers who rival the Decepticons, another faction. Distinguished by his strong moral character, he is almost always portrayed as the main hero of the story, opposing the evil Decepticon leader Megatron.

Who was the first Decepticon on Earth?

Towards the end of Season 1, Megatronus/The Fallen, the first Decepticon, contacts Steeljaw and convinces him to build him a space bridge so he can return to Earth. Steeljaw does so, but once on Earth, Megatronus attempts to destroy both Earth and Cybertron.

How big is the Decepticon warship?

“Prepare for ship-to-ship intimacy.” The technical specifications for the Nemesis were: Estimated length: 2.5 miles. Wingspan: 1.75 miles.

Is Omega Supreme a Titan?

War for Cybertron Titan WFC-S29 Omega Supreme Figure

This colossal 2-foot Titan Class WFC-S29 Omega Supreme Figure features a G1-inspired design and lets Transform into an Autobot Command Center mode consisting of a tank, missile, control tower and defense perimeter.

Who is the biggest Autobot?

What class is Omega Supreme?

This colossal 2-foot Titan Class WFC-S29 Omega Supreme figure features a G1-inspired design and integrates into Autobot Command Center mode with a tank, missile, control tower and Convert Defense Perimeter.



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