What Is the Da Form for Weapons Qualification Card?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 20, 2022

DA Form 3595, Record Fire Scorecard, is a form used to record a soldier’s shooting ability. This document is used to ensure that all members of the Armed Forces are properly trained in firing weapons. Alternate Name: Weapons Card DA Form 3595.

What is a DA Form 7801?

DA Form 7801 “Rifle, Carbine, and Auto Rifle Marksmanship Scorecard

What form is used for weapons card?

A fillable DA 3595-R form is used by the US Army as documentation of a soldier’s ability to fire a weapon. This form is also known as a Record Fire Scorecard.

What is a DA Form 5790?

United States Army. DA Form 5790 “Record Firing Scorecard – Scaled Target Alternate Course

What is a DA Form 3749?

A fillable DA 3749 form is a document used by the US Army. It is also referred to as an equipment receipt. It is completed when equipment is issued to an army unit. The inventory and serial number of the device is listed on this form.

Where can I get DA Form 3595?

A current, fillable version of DA Form 3595 is available for download and digital submission below or at the Army Publications Directorate’s website. The Weapons Card DA Form 3595 allows the examiner to record scores with different firing positions and distances.

How many promotion points do you get for weapons qualification?

Weapon Qualification

Qualification with your weapon contributes up to 160 points or 20% of all available points. Don’t miss out on these points, with a little focus, calm and steady hands you can grab most of them and deposit them into your Action Points bank account!

Where can I find my weapons qualification army?

My Job Book is a tool that provides Soldiers with the ability to review and review training and qualification data entered and stored in DTMS. Soldiers can view information about their unit course enrollment, physical training, weapon qualification, training schedules, and assigned or completed assignments.

What is the army rifle qualification standards?

Soldiers still need to hit 23 of the 40 targets to qualify. 23-29 hits result in a rifleman qualification, 30-35 hits in a sniper qualification, and 36-40 hits in an expert qualification.

What regulation covers weapons qualification?

In July, the Army published “TC 3-20.40 Training and Qualification-Individual Weapons” or “Dot-40”, which not only covers marksmanship with rifles and carbines, but also new standards for it includes pistol and other individual weapons.

What is DA Form 2064?

DA Form 2064 “Document register for delivery measures

What is a master authorization list?

Master Authorization List (MAL) ‚óŹ List of personnel authorized to obtain specific weapons/ equipment.

What is a mal army?

MAL Military abbreviation. 4 times. Master Authorization List. Department of Defense, Transport Command.



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