What Is the Conjugation for Empezar?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 27, 2022

Start in the present indicative
Pronoun Spanish English
I start
they begin
She/he/she starts, she/he starts, you (formally) starts
We start
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Empezar conjugate in all Spanish tenses | You Verbs app › Verbs › Start

What are the ending conjugations for empezar?

Is empezar an e to ie verb?

Conjugations. In the present tense, the verb empezar is an irregular, e → ie stem-changing verb. Also in the past tense, note the small spelling change in the “yo” form, from z → c.

How do you use empezar?

How do you conjugate empezar in the preterite?

What forms have a change from e -> IE?



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