What Is the Bill Murray Bumper Sticker?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 31, 2022

If you put a Bill Murray decal on your car, the Bill Murray decal protects your car from theft or vandalism. It’s also guaranteed protection from wrecks and fender bends.

Why do people have Bill Murray sticker?

The story goes that Murray gave the site’s founders explicit permission to do whatever they wanted with his photo because he liked what they were doing with their charities. If you see a Bill Murray decal on a car, you’re probably seeing someone who is a fan of this site.

What does Wwbfmd mean?

My “What would Bill Murray do?” arrived today.

Why is Bill Murray the face of theChive?

Murray first came into contact with theChive after selling t-shirts featuring the comedian’s face. When Murray got wind of the widely successful t-shirt line, he just wanted theChive to sponsor his annual charity golf tournament to capitalize on his image.



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