What Is the Best Setup for Stratego?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 31, 2022

What is the best way to set up Stratego?

How do you always win Stratego?

Where is the best place to put your flag in Stratego?

Most Stratego players hide their flag somewhere in the back row, corner or not. By placing your flag in the second or third row, you may be able to avoid the negative effects of a back row sweep. If you don’t have a flag anywhere, you can also set up decoy flag posts to lure in your opponent.

What beats what Stratego?

A Marshal (number 10) ranks higher than a General (number 9) and any other lower-ranked figures. A General (number 9) has a higher rank than a Colonel (number 8) and all lower ranked (but higher numbered) figures. A Colonel (number 8) ranks higher than a Major (number 7), and so on through the Spy, who is the lowest ranking character.

Can you surround your flag with bombs in Stratego?

Pro: Bomb flag is the term for surrounding your flag with bombs on all sides. Obviously this requires fewer bombs in a corner than in the middle of your board, but in general bombs are the best defenders in the game and are victorious against any piece except miners.

Can a Scout capture the flag in Stratego?

3. Place some of your scouts in the first two rows. Use them to show the rank of the enemy moving towards you. Protect some scouts and use them later in the game to capture the flag!

What is the only piece that can defeat the Marshall in Stratego?

The only characters that can beat the marshal are the spy (and only if he attacks first), a bomb, or the other marshal.

Is Stratego a strategy game?

Stratego (/strəˈtiːɡoʊ/ strə-TEE-goh) is a strategic board game for two players on a 10×10 board. Each player controls 40 figures, representing individual officer and soldier ranks in an army.

Who can capture the flag in Stratego?

Stratego is a game in which you have to capture your opponent’s flag while defending your own flag. To capture the flag, use your 40 piece army. Pieces have a rank and represent individual officers and soldiers in an army. In addition to these ranking pieces, you can use bombs to protect your flag.

What does the 1 do in Stratego?

1. If an opponent’s piece occupies a square in front of, next to, or behind yours, you can attack it. You cannot attack diagonally. Attacking is always optional.

What does a spotter do in Stratego?

THE SPOTTER Scouts target and identify the enemy by calling down laser salvos from orbiting battleships to destroy them. SPOTTER SPECIAL ATTACK Spotters can move and then use their special attack. A scout can attempt to attack and capture any figure in the space in front of him by guessing the figure’s rank.

How do you play Fire and Ice on Stratego?

Can you tie in Stratego?

The piece with the worse rank (higher number, in the original edition) is defeated and removed from the board. In the event of a tie, when a piece attacks an opposing piece of the same value, both pieces are removed from the board.

Do bombs get destroyed in Stratego?

B = Bombs can destroy any character that attacks them, except for the Miner, who is the only character in play that can remove a bomb. Even if a piece explodes on top of a bomb, it won’t be removed without being swept by a miner (3).

How do you play Bunny bombs?

Bombs and Bunnies is a game of bluffing, brain teasers and surprising strategies just like Skull. Each round, players take turns discarding their cards face down. Someone can then bet on how many cards they can turn over without revealing a bomb. Players have the option to increase or skip the bet.

How do you play Star Wars Stratego?

ON YOUR TURN On each of your turns you must do one of the following: • Either move one of your pieces; or Attack an opponent’s piece. In a case where you cannot move or attack, the game is over and your opponent wins. The only parts that can’t move are your lightsaber and thermal detonators.

What war is Stratego based on?

Stratego was developed by Mogendorff during World War II.

How do you delete a bomb in Stratego?

Bombs are immobile figures in Stratego that will blow up any attacking figure except miners. A bomb can only be removed from the board if it is attacked by one of the opposing miners.



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