What Is the Best Revolver in Borderlands?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 24, 2022

What is the best gun in Borderlands?

What is the best revolver ever made?

What is the best revolver in rdr2o?

The Cattleman’s Revolver is a firearm that every player in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online has had experience with during their time in the Wild West. Every player starts with this weapon, and with good reason. It’s the most versatile revolver in the game.

Is a revolver a pistol in Borderlands?

Revolvers (like most sub-types of weapons) were phased out in Borderlands 2 in favor of the more generic pistol weapon type, with only Jakobs, Maliwan, and Torgue making weapons aesthetically similar to the revolver.

What is the rarest gun in Borderlands 1?

The Hyperion Reaper is one of the rarest weapons in Borderlands, often competing for rarity with pearlescent weapons. The character healing effect only triggers when attacking with the attached blade.

What’s the legendary gun?

Legendary (Yellow) Shotgun

The Heavy Shotgun is a hitter in every sense. She fires booming rounds that can devastate enemies at close range. It lacks power at range, but once it gets close this weapon packs a mighty punch. Land a headshot and it’s almost always an instant takedown.

What is the Dirty Harry gun?

In the 1971 film Dirty Harry, actor Clint Eastwood introduced the world to the double-action Smith & Wesson Model 29. Cal. 44 Magnum revolver – “the most powerful handgun in the world.” It was a crown that S&W wore proudly, if only briefly.

Did Colt make a top break revolver?

The top break used to be a dominant revolver design

After the advent of cartridges, the two dominant revolver designs were the fixed-cylinder (Colt single action) and the top break, which was first developed by Smith and Wesson in the third generation of the Model 1-½ in .

Is a pistol or revolver better?

In the debate between revolvers and pistols, the main advantage of the pistol is capacity. Most revolvers have a cartridge capacity of five to seven cartridges. Some wheelguns have cylinders that hold eight or nine shots, but these are comparatively uncommon.

Is Micah’s revolver good?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Micah’s Revolver is a pistol type weapon that is ideal for hunting small and medium game. This weapon’s best stats are Rate of Fire 3.2/4 (best) and Reload 2.8/4 (good), and its lowest stats are Damage 1.5/4 (weak).

Is the Schofield Revolver good?

It is acquired through the main story. Schofield Revolver – With a slightly higher damage value than most other revolvers, the Schofield Revolver is a reliable weapon, especially since it can be purchased from a gun shop early in the game. Above-average accuracy means it’s also better at longer ranges.

Is Flacos revolver any good?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Flaco’s Revolver is a pistol weapon type that is ideal for hunting small and medium game. This weapon’s best stats are Rate of Fire 3.0/4 (best) and Reload 2.8/4 (good), and its lowest stats are Damage 1.8/4 (weak).

Can Gaige use the Infinity pistol?

Gaige cannot use the Infinity Weapon due to the Smaller, Lighter, Faster Talent

What is the rarest gun in Borderlands 3?

Short Stick: Hyperion SMG (only available if you logged into Borderlands 3 between 3/26/20 and 4/25/20 (SHiFT probably worked too).

Who drops the quasar in Borderlands 2?

In Borderlands 2, the Quasar (Borderlands 2) is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source, but has an increased chance of dropping from Ultimate Badass Varkids. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, this grenade will drop randomly from any eligible loot source, but has an increased chance of dropping from Felicity Rampant.

How rare are pearlescent weapons in Borderlands?

Approximately 1/5250 weapons is a pearl.

Is the Tunguska good?

The Tunguska’s initial projectile deals damage equal to 1/10 of the explosion damage when it hits an enemy. The Tunguska is the most valuable weapon in the game to date and is worth about $2 million at level 61, $18 million at level 80, and $55 million at Overpower level 10.

How rare is the Cobra bl2?

88% probability (not 88%, but 0.88%: that’s 88 out of 10,000) of being the Cobra. This makes Cobra one of the rarest drops in the game.

Are there Legendaries in Borderlands 1?

There is one (and exactly one) legendary weapon per valid manufacturer-weapon-type pair. This table can be sorted to show either by manufacturer or by weapon type (or by model). Bullets can be any element. Unloads the entire magazine on aim.



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