What Is the Best Assault Rifle in Mass Effect 3?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 13, 2022

What is the best gun in Mass Effect 3?

What is the best assault rifle in Mass Effect?

Is the Striker assault rifle good ME3?

The Striker is still a fairly effective weapon for squadmates as they don’t suffer from the weapon’s high recoil and the area damage and stun effects provide valuable suppression.

Is the particle rifle good ME3?

The Particle Rifle is perfectly accurate and has no recoil at all. This renders all accuracy and stability bonuses, upgrades, mods for this weapon useless. The Particle Rifle is a hitscan weapon, meaning it hits the target instantly.

What should I buy first me3?

The best options that have parts available that can be found and equipped early in the game are the Kassa Fabrication Set, the Serrice Council Set, the Rosenkov Materials Set, and the Mnemonic Visor or Capacitor Helmet. Infiltrators are a bit of a special case, as they often require less defense thanks to Tactical Cloak.

Is the Geth assault rifle good?

Very effective against shields and biotic barriers; moderately effective against armor. Geth pulse rifles are rarely retrieved from the battlefield; If so, the weapons are generally workable and comparable to a standard assault rifle. Over time, however, they prove unreliable and difficult to repair.

Are the N7 weapons Good ME3?

Best 9: The N7 Valkyrie is your best friend in a foxhole

It’s accurate, fires quickly and deals good damage. Its burst shot functionality makes headshots a little less reliable than something like the M-96 Mattock, but it more than makes up for it with hard-hitting damage bursts.

Is Cerberus Harrier good ME3?

The Harrier is easily one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game as it deals excellent damage, is fairly accurate, has a respectable thermal magazine reserve and has disadvantages that can be easily mitigated.

Is Spectre gear the best?

Spectre Master Gear is, in a nutshell, the best weapon selection in the entire game, offering higher damage, better accuracy, and more shots from overheating than any other weapon in their respective classes. They are also very expensive, ranging from 150,000 to 1,200,000 credits!

Is the Geth SMG good?

Geth’s Plasma SMG has relatively low recoil and very high accuracy for its high rate of fire. (More accurate than most SMGs and Assault Rifles).

What is the best sniper in Mass Effect 3?

Considering all weapon stats, the Black Widow is the best sniper rifle in Mass Effect 3. The Black Widow sniper rifle comes equipped with the following stats: 98/100 for weight, capacity at 14/100, Rate of Fire at 6/100, Damage at 66/100 and Accuracy at 80/100.

Where is the extended barrel assault rifle me3?

Extended assault rifle barrel: After your first fight with the Ravagers, upstairs and hidden among the rubble on the right. SMG Heatsink: On the ground outside of Athame Temple in front of the force field.

How do I get the m99 lightsaber?

Acquisition. The M-99 Saber can be found during the Priority: Horizon mission. In the room after the tram ride is a Pod Status hologram with the option “Pod – Manual Override”. Activate this and then go back to the end of the room you came from to open the pod with the gun.

What is the best armor set in Mass Effect 3?

  • Those struggling to survive should consider the Collector Armor, which greatly improves shields and health.
  • But what’s really powerful for shielding is the Terminus Assault Armor, which has the Shields increased by 30%, the highest amount in ME

Where can I get N7 Valkyrie?

Acquisition. The N7 Valkyrie is included in the N7 Warfare Gear Pack as a retail bonus item for players who have pre-ordered any of the game’s editions from certain retailers. She is also included in Mass Effect 3: Special Edition for Wii U. An email from EDI will be received when the weapon is obtained from these sources.

What happens if you miss a weapon in Mass Effect 3?

Complete the inventory of Mass Effect 3

If you are missing a weapon or an item needed for a quest, you can buy them in a shop.

How do you get level 10 weapons in me3?

To reach level 10 with a weapon you must complete the game and then import your character into a new playthrough where you can buy/collect the remaining upgrades.

Is the n7 Eagle good?

The Eagle is best fired in short bursts to avoid accuracy degradation due to muzzle climb. It’s extremely accurate if you want to shoot in single shots. It also has a very good ammo supply, but the rate of fire is eating away at it at an alarming rate.



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